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dear younger me

As I celebrated my 50th birthday this year, it was with a heart of much gratitude. Reaching a “mature” age brings so much reflection—looking back at all that God has allowed me to graciously live through, and looking forward with a steadfast, joyful

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fear is a liar

Every year on 3/21, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. A day which signifies the triplication of the 21st chromosome which causes Down

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thriving in love

This week we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. It’s crazy to think that so many years have flown by since we

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just a dad

~~ My beloved shares his heart. When a little boy is growing up, of course he often thinks about what

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a life redeemed

I’m not sure when my story began of learning what it means to follow Jesus with my whole heart. I

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Hi! I’m Adéye. It is so wonderful to meet you here. I’m an incredibly blessed daughter of the King of kings, wife to the most amazing man in the world for 24 years and mom to ten beautiful children–three amazing biological sons, three precious daughters from China, two beautiful daughters from Ukraine, and two sweet blessings adopted from Bulgaria. We’re crazy about Jesus, learning daily about surrendering our lives, passionate about adoption, and living every day by His amazing grace with special needs and medically fragile children. My days are filled to overflowing with caring for my family and running our hobby farm in Colorado. On these pages I share my passions, my heart, my victories, my struggles, and my daily life. I am so grateful that you have chosen to journey with my family. This is my unfolding story.

Hey, I'm Adeye!

Our family lives on a hobby farm in Colorado where we spend our days with our ten children and many farm animals. I was born and reared in South Africa. When I was 24, I met my American husband, Anthony, in Port Elizabeth when he came to serve as a missionary. Together, the Lord opened doors for us to reach thousands of high school students, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Anthony and I married nine months after we met, after which the Lord blessed us with two sons—Connor and Kellan. Then we moved to Perth, Australia, where we lived for three years as missionaries. Then in 2004 we moved to America, which has been our home ever since. Our third son, Cade, was born in the states (our only child born in America!).

join me and my beautiful family on our journey today!

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