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a girl, a boy, and shoes

It really is such a lovely day.

She ponders.

“Where’s my little buddy to keep me company on this lonely bench?”

That’s much better.

“Hey, Kael, isn’t the scenery beautiful?”

“Not too interested in the mountains?

Okay, let me tell you something else interesting.  You’ll like this story.  I just know it.”

“See these shoes of mine?”

“Look here, Kael!

See these shoes?

Mom says that every time she buys these shoes another kid who doesn’t have any shoes gets a brand new pair!  She really likes that idea.  I can tell.

How cool is that, big bro?  We get to help other kids!”

“Hellooooo…..Kael!  Buddy! 

Can I have some attention here, please?

Let me get them closer to you so that you can see them better…”

“Oh, geez!  I can see that you are completely bored and have no interest in my shoes.

Typical guy!  You probably think that I already have way too many pairs of shoes.

A girl can never have too many shoes, you know!  With all the girls in this family, you had better get used to this.”

“It’s okay, brother.  Come over here and give me a hug.  I still love you anyway.

You know what, Kael?”

“I’m so happy that you’re my brother!

You’re the huggiest, most lovable brother a sister like me could ever want.

I love you so much!”

Let’s just sit and be together.

No more shoe talk.  I promise.

The end.