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a quick prayer request

We would really appreciate your prayers for our sweet Harper.

She is scheduled to have surgery on Monday.  Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the procedure three times already, because she just could not get over a very nasty cold.  Today, she is still not well.  We are so wanting to get this surgery behind us!  It will hopefully gives us some much-needed answers as to why Harper struggles so much with illness during cold months and why we end up in the ER with the dreaded croup and stridor too many times every single winter.  It’s so miserable for her! 

Would you please trust with us that she would turn a corner and that she will be able to have the surgery on Monday?  Believe with us that this nasty virus would leave her little body NOW and healing will come!

Thank you so much for your prayers.  It means the world to us.

Our baby girl of the family is growing up.  Just like that.  She just lost a front tooth!

Love to you all. Have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love.