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It’s been one of those weeks.  The kind when you realize once again that you really haven’t totally figured out that whole “Abide in Me” thing.  I am such a work in progress!

I started packing up our house last week only to find out a few days later that we won’t be moving after all.  We discovered some major structural issues in the house that we were hoping to buy.  The repairs would cost a whole lot of money to rectify.  The rot under the foundation is bad.  Very bad!  And so we had to let the house go.  We’re back on a house-hunting mission.  Again.  It’s so hard to find homes that are affordable and have decent-sized yards here.  We have always lived debt free (other than our mortgage) and refuse to get into a situation where we feel like all we do is live to pay a high mortgage.  So not worth it.  We’ll continue to store our treasure in heaven.

God knows.  Of this I am absolutely confident.  The season of stretching continues and in this too He is a good and faithful God. He is good when life feels fantastic, and He is good when our answer from heaven is no.  The journey of faith means that we place our lives in His hands and trust that even when things don’t work out as we had hoped they would, it’s really for our good.  Chuck Swindoll once said that, “Nothing reaches us without first passing through the hands of a loving God.”  That is good enough for me.

His grace still amazes me.

Anthony and I have discovered that we are the absolute worst at selfie videos. We’re definitely not selfie people, but trying to do a selfie video is just so funny. We have been trying for the past three days to do a video about our embryo adoption as part of the project we’re working on.  An epic fail! Seriously! We end up giggling every time and have to start all over again. Take # 74 tonight.

Speaking of our newest adoption, it’s been interesting, to say the least.  It’s heartbreaking to me how easily life can be ended–simply discarded.  Just like that! I’ll share about that in a post of its own soon.

Haven continues to love her new school.  No words can express how thankful we are that she has found a safe place to learn and grow.  It’s been a blessing from heaven.  Some have asked me if all of our children are in school now.  No, all four little ones are with me during the day.  I’m so not ready to send them to school.  That may change some day, but for now we feel absolute peace to keep them home with me.  They get their therapies at home and have busy little lives learning new things every day.  Each precious angel is such a gift to us.  They are all growing so quickly.  I still get tearful when I think about where they could be today.  My heart cannot help but ache for the many, many children who still wait for someone to come for them.

I cannot believe that winter is just around the corner again.  And then it’ll be Christmas.  Time seems to be flying by. We’ve started our immune-boosting protocol that we did last year with all of our little ones at this time of year.  Last year they got through the winter so much easier thanks to amazing supplements and a very healthy diet. We’ll see how this year goes.  Prayerfully, no croup or respiratory issues again!

I’m finally going to be switching my blog to a WordPress site.  So excited about that (even though it’s way more technical and my skills in that department are seriously lacking)!

In case you don’t follow along on Facebook, I’ll leave you with some happiness.  What a delight this lovie is to us!  Yes, she’s busy and never, ever stops. Ever! But we would not change that for anything in the world.  She’s our spunky little love and we treasure her just the way she is.  Sweetest little blessing from the hands of God is she.

How far our sweet Hailee has come in the past four years!  It just amazes me when we think about where she started out her life. Only God!

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.”  ~~  John 15