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adopting older children–a resource

This morning I posted a question on Facebook.  Since this is such an important topic, I thought I would bring it here too. I know that many of you don’t follow on FB and can also glean so much information from those who shared there this morning.  I am hoping that they will be willing to repeat their thoughts here too.

My question was about adopting older children and teenagers.

“Have you adopted a teenager? What is the greatest bit of advice you can give someone who is overseas adopting teenagers who are feeling a little overwhelmed? How did you help your teenager to adjust to all of the changes in their lives? How did you help your older child with the changes while you were still in the country? I know many families go through this. Any (positive!) advice would be so helpful.”

Adopting older children is definitely not for the faint of heart.  But what a blessing it can be!  I absolutely loved reading through the comments of those who have brought precious older children home.  Is it easy?  No way!  But then again…is raising any teenager easy?  Probably not.

I know that there are so many people who are considering older child/teenage adoption right now. Waiting-child websites are full of older kids and those who are about to age out. It’s hard to know where to find advice and other families to connect with who have journeyed down this road–those who are willing to share their hearts openly and honestly.

I thought I would open this topic up here on my blog and hopefully have it be a resource for families considering taking a leap of faith and saying yes to a precious teenager.  Or, have it be a place where families can connect with one another and share hearts.

If you have adopted an older child, would you be willing to link your own blog to this post, please?  Perhaps link to a specific post where you wrote about your own adoption.  You will be given a space to add a little about your family too.  Please do that. Also, if you know of great websites or resources for older-child adoption, would you please link those here too?  That would be such a tremendous blessing.

Thanks so much!  I appreciate your help so much and pray that this will be a blessing to many who are either in the process, are overseas adopting their children and need encouragement, or are just considering adding an older child to their family. Know that I am praying for your families!  He who has called you by name will equip you with everything you need to parent the child born in your hearts!

*** If you don’t have a blog to link to but would still love to add your thoughts, please go ahead and leave it as a comment on this post.