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adoption awareness: adopting cerebral palsy

Thank you to all the families who have adopted domestically and shared their amazing testimonies with us last week in this weekly series I am doing on adoption.  There is such power in our stories–in the unique journeys God calls each one of us to walk. It’s a beautiful thing.

For the next few weeks I am going to start focusing on specific special needs.

I know (because we were once there!) that when we look at waiting-child websites and see “HIV” or “Hepatitis B” or “Heart defect” or something else, most times a certain amount of fear rises up in our hearts when we even consider adding a child with a “condition” to our families.  Anthony and I felt that exact way when we began to explore special needs adoption in 2005.  We had never even heard of half the special needs listed!

The truth is that every child deserves the love of a family–no matter what their “condition.” God has taught us so much about the inestimable value of human life (every life!) in our own journey to bring home some of the least of these–the sweet ones who struggle a little more than others in this life.

Today I thought I would invite families who have brought home children with cerebral palsy to share their stories.  Honestly?  This was one of the special needs that terrified me! I had no clue about it!  Now?  It is one of the sweetest blessings ever in our family. We don’t see CP!  We only see Hasya–perfectly created in the image of a Father in heaven who redeems, restores, and makes all things new in His time. She is a treasure!

Have you adopted a child who has CP?  Would you love to share your story with others who may be considering opening their hearts and homes to one of these precious angels?  Please go ahead and add your blog to the Linky.  You will be given a space to add a caption–please use that to tell us where you adopted from and how old your child was when they came home.  Thank you for being willing! 

Until the whole world hears that these children are so precious in His sight and therefore in ours too!