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adoption awareness: Down syndrome

Today is the first Monday in a series I am going to do on adoption.  I get so many questions regarding special-needs adoption, various agencies, types of special needs and what it takes to raise these precious children, etc.  I thought this would be a good way to highlight some of the things many of you would love to know more about–simply by reading the experiences of others.

For however many Mondays to come, I will be highlighting a specific aspect of adoption/orphan care and will ask those of you who are familiar with it to link in your own blogs or websites.  I am hoping that by you sharing your own stories and experiences with the readers here, it will be a way to connect with one another and glean information from those who have already journeyed down this road. 

For today, I thought I would choose a special need that is dear to my own heart: Down syndrome.  It’s been such a blessing to see many other very ordinary families just like mine taking a leap of faith and bringing home children with the glorious extra chromosome.  Like me, many thought they could just never do it.  But how God loves to take those who walk by faith, are perhaps a little fearful, but have open and willing hearts…and show them that we can indeed do all things through Him who enables us, equips us, and gives us all the strength we need to fulfill His call on our lives.

Have you adopted a child who has Down syndrome?  Would you be willing to share your blog with others who may be considering it?  Just go ahead and add it below–perhaps link to a specific blog post you wrote about your journey.  You will also be given space to add a caption.

I hope this will be a great way to connect hearts and encourage one another as we all seek to care for the fatherless in whichever way the Father lays on our hearts.

If you have a question about Down syndrome and/or bringing these sweet children into families, please use the comments to ask it.  I invite anyone to share their thoughts there.