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adoption: A GIFT!

After sharing my heart recently on being unashamedly pro-life, I got a ton of reactions and questions.  I know it’s one of those subjects that stirs up a lot of feelings, and I don’t ever expect everyone to agree with me on where I stand on this issue, or any other for that matter. But for me personally, I will never change my mind or back down from my convictions. I believe explicitly that Father God alone gives…and takes away.

Some asked:

What about rape?

What about when the mother is a just a child herself?

What about when the mother is simply unable to care for the child?

I understand that these are all very delicate and sensitive issues.  I cannot even imagine facing an unplanned pregnancy in any of the above circumstances. 


I believe with all my heart that God Almighty is the giver of life.  He alone gives life, and takes life away.  Every child conceived has a purpose and a destiny in this life. Every single child.  Every child is meant to be. My God never makes mistakes.

Focus on the Family posted this YouTube video just a couple of days ago.  I cried watching it.  If only more young women knew what a blessing, a beautiful and treasured gift, their baby would be to a family whose arms are just aching to bring a little one into their home.

This is such a powerful testimony! Since we’re focusing on adoption this month, it is the perfect time for me to share it with you.

If only they knew.

Adoption truly is a beautiful gift!