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ain’t no mountain high enough

Hailee. Sweet, teeny, tiny little one.

I confess–there have been so many times over the last three weeks when I have doubted. I have questioned my God. I have questioned my ability to hear His voice. I have seen the humongous mountains that tower before us and thought, “There is no way this is ever going to work. No way!”

Those of you who have journeyed with me know that there has been obstacle after obstacle. It has felt as if we have faced opposition since the day we said we’d go and get her. Not just minuscule little bumps in the road. I’m talking about Mount Everest-sized mountains. There is no way over them–way around them. They’re just there–standing in the way of all that lies beyond.

But our God. He is so amazing. In our twelve years as a married couple we have seen God perform miracle after miracle. Living by faith on the mission field, we have learned to expect the impossible from the Almighty. There have been countless times in our lives when we have had no food in the pantry and no money in the bank. The only thing we have had to cling to is that still, small voice telling us, “Trust Me.” Every single time He came through for us. Every time.

So it has been on this adoption journey. When all the stuff started surfacing and we were left wondering how this could ever work–again those two little words rang loud and clear in our hearts…

“Trust Me!”

“But Father this all seems so impossible–there are too many obstacles preventing us from bringing Hailee home.”

“Trust Me!”

So we did. All things taken into consideration, and if we did not walk by faith (which we do), we probably should have thrown in the towel and admitted that it could never work. That it was just an impossible mission. But we know this to be true…when God sends us on a mission, it truly does not matter what stands before us, He WILL make a way. He WILL move every single mountain that stands before us. Heck–He’s GOD–the creator of the heavens and the earth. NOTHING is impossible for Him. NOTHING. That being said though, there are times He takes us through the fire in order to get us to the other side. Sometimes He calls us to press into Him and cling to every promise He has spoken to our hearts…even if we’re barely hanging on by our fingertips.

As you know, the main issue we were facing was that I was not a US citizen. You can read about it here and here. We were told over and over again that the only way to gain my citizenship was the regular old way, which could take anything from 6-12 months. Not an option! Hailee may not have that amount of time without medical intervention (she is desperately in need of heart surgery as she was born with a hole in her heart). Any possible humanitarian grounds for expedited citizenship quickly got shut in our faces.

“Trust Me!”

After three weeks of phone calls, internet searches, and asking for advice–I am here to tell you all that the Father has made a way. In His faithfulness He led us to the right person to help us. We eventually found an attorney in Virginia who was not interested in how much money they could make off us (the process of using an attorney to gain citizenship runs into thousands of dollars). Finally someone was interested in helping Hailee. In addition to helping file the necessary paperwork, they gave us the key–the answer we were so desperately looking for in who would help us expedite my citizenship quickly! No attorney could do it–it just is not possible. The stamp of approval can only come from one person. Our Congressman.

But there was a catch–the Congressman had to feel that the case was worthy of being expedited. The need had to be legitimate and worthy of them getting involved. Can you imagine how many times they come across ordinary people, just like us, needing help? Anthony took our story to our local Congressman. They approved! They are more than happy to help us gain my citizenship just as quickly as possible. Hallelujah!

We have already filed some paperwork with our Congressman. They are ready to move just as soon as we get our paperwork filed with Immigration. We’re busy–filling in heaps and heaps of official papers. We’re standing and trusting. I could be a US citizen within a matter of weeks. Wow.

Throughout this entire journey [so far] the Lord has reminded me time and again about the persistent widow–the woman who never gave up, but kept coming back with her plea.

And the Lord said, “And will not God bring justice to His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night?” Luke 18:7

Never give up!

When the ministry that we are using to bring Hailee home told me that there was ‘probably’ no way this was going to work–even to the point of showing me other children who so desperately need homes–still we heard the same thing so clearly in our spirits…

“Trust Me!”

And so we did.

I had to chuckle–yesterday I got a note from my friend at Reeces Rainbow. She said, “I was truly ready to tell you sorry.” I laughed because all my communication with her over the last few weeks flashed before my eyes and I thought how crazy she must have thought I was–always telling her that we would find a way, that we would not give up until every single door was slammed shut and that I was so absolutely positive that Hailee was our child–no other. Yes, persistent.

We’re still waiting on answers on two little issues that we need confirmation on. But hey, look what God has done! There absolutely is no mountain too high that He cannot move–just like that!

Oh what a God of the impossible we serve.

Thank you, dear friends, to all of you who have supported us and encouraged us in the last few weeks. Thank you for every prayer that you prayed on Hailee’s behalf. Thank you for not wavering in your faith that this child WILL come home!

Oh, and if you read this far–thanks 🙂