almost there, my tiniest loves

After a very tearful goodbye, I left my family this morning and flew out of state.  As I sit snuggled up in my hotel room tonight, I miss them so much already.  SO much!  I cannot help but thank God for the amazing children He has given us and the husband He has blessed me with.  What an incredible man after God’s own heart the Father has given me to share this life with!  A man who loves his God in heaven so passionately and is always willing to put his yes on the table–no matter what!

When I think back to that day so many months ago when we first started discussing the option of embryo adoption for our family, Anthony has never hesitated in his willingness and desire to please God first–to be faithful in the big things and the small things too.  I am so grateful for my man who has been willing to adopt embryos who, according to the world, don’t have much of a chance of survival. From Day One he has stood firm in his faith and declared with me, “These four embryos deserve a chance!” And he has joyfully opened his heart to the possibility of starting all over again with babies–should the Lord bless us with a live birth.

I love you, honey, and I am so ridiculously grateful that God gave you to me!  Thank you for being WILLING.

It feels surreal that this day has finally arrived.  What a journey it has been–full of ups and downs, challenges and great joys!  A journey of seeing God’s faithful hand leading and guiding us every step of the way.

We would so appreciate your prayers tomorrow.  Our four embryos will be thawed in the morning.  Since they are already Day Five blastocysts, they can only be thawed tomorrow morning.  Had they been frozen on Day Three or Four, they would have been able to thaw them a few days ago and “grow” them a little more before transfer.  But that’s not the case for our four blessings.  I will only know tomorrow how many survive.

Would you please pray for the thaw?  We have been cautioned many times that thawing embryos that were frozen more than ten years ago will have its challenges.  Back then, they used a slow freeze method as opposed to the flash freezing process that is used in more recent years.  Embryos frozen slowly face some challenges when thawed.  The reality that we have been told is to be prepared for the possibility that none of them survive the thaw. One plus is that they did make it to Day Five.  We’re grateful for that.

We trust with everything that is within us!  Our God is mighty to save…and give life!

Please pray that God would allow as many as He has already destined to survive the thaw to go through the process safely and to have the best possible chance to “stick” in my womb.  We appreciate that so much.

I have to be at my clinic at 2:30 p.m. (MST).  Transfer is scheduled for 3 p.m.

I’m feeling good–just a little tired and obviously emotional. We added a couple more medications this weekend and I’m handling them very well.  Other than an icky stomach (which I am now used to since I have had it from the first day), I feel very healthy.  I have tried to take care of myself throughout the medication process and it has definitely paid off. Only thing I am so not looking forward to is having to give myself my estrogen and progesterone shots for the next few days–yikes!  NOT looking forward to that, but I’m sure I can do it.

Off to get some rest before tomorrow. No words can express our gratitude for the love and support so many of you have shown us.  Truly, it has been a blessing from heaven.  Thank you for praying with us that God would have His way and that no matter the outcome, His glory would shine so very brightly.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD.”

Baby Hand on Open Bible

Hang in there, my tiniest darlings…tomorrow you will finally have an opportunity to grow and have life! How much we love you!

Overwhelmed by His great love.

Love to you all.