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amazing news

Oh my heart is rejoicing in the Lord today.

Do you remember the sweet kids I posted about here.  The precious ones I left behind from Hailee’s room in the orphanage?  The ones my heart ached to see come home?

Remember sweet Yuri?

And adorable Wade?

Well, I am beyond thrilled to tell you that BOTH boys are coming home! To the same family. How awesome is that? One family saw them and knew that they were their boys. They don’t care about what their needs are or how difficult the road ahead may be…they’re going because God said so. They fell in love and are working hard to get their paperwork completed as soon as possible. I have spoken to their mom and she is so excited to be adding these two angels to their family. They already have one little boy with Down syndrome and are so anxious to give little Wade the medical attention he so deserves. Oh my goodness, these boys are going to thrive once home.
God has led the perfect family to Wade and Yuri. Their lives are about to change forever. Hallelujah!

Thank you to every single one of you who emailed me and said that you were praying for these two little boys.  I know many even got their Bible studies and small groups interceding on their behalf. 

Look what God has done.  Two more treasures are about to be taken out of darkness and brought into His glorious light.

I cannot even begin to tell you what it does in my heart to know that three of the six children in Hailee’s heinous room have been rescued! 

There’s another little girl waiting in the same room–a sweet angel who is in desperate need of being rescued…and I mean DESPERATE.  I know my Father in heaven can do it for her too. Her family just needs to find her…before it’s too late.  I’ll share her needs soon.

Thank you, Body of Christ for standing with me and trusting that Yuri and Wade would come home. The ONE who is able to move all mountains has heard the prayers of His people.

Great things He has done!