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amelia update

Thank you for all the prayers for sweet little Amelia over the last week.  I know her family is so, so thankful that they are so covered in prayer as they journey this new season with a very fragile little girl.

So many of you have written to ask me if I have heard anything on how Amelia is doing.

Today I got an update.  Only God can take a broken little being like Amelia and begin such a radical transformation in a matter of days!  I believe that it is only because of the power of prayer that I can tell all of you that Amelia is at home with her family.  No hospital room necessary for this little fighter!  Mama Jenny has found a formula which Amelia is not just tolerating, but doing well on and she has not needed to be admitted to the hospital yet.  For that we are so thankful.  Just a few days ago it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Amelia would spend several weeks in the hospital.  But God…!

Faithful and true!  There is no one like our God who loves the orphan so passionately.

Amelia is home with the rest of her family and is already beginning to blossom!  Hallelujah!

Please continue to pray.  The last few days have been busy with doctors appointments and helping new blessings adjust to their new normal in a family.  One specific prayer request would be to please pray that Amelia gets used to being around people.  Noise and commotion are a huge stress to this little darling and so the family is being very cautious to slowly but surely allow her to be around visitors.  Having being confined to a crib for 12 long years, it is just going to take some time.  The good news is that even now they are beginning to see changes.  Please also pray for Amelia’s parents–that God would fill them up to overflowing with energy every day and that they would be at peace with every decision which needs to be made regarding Amelia’s care. 

I will continue to post updates as I get them.

Glory to God in the highest!  GREAT things He has done!

You can read the beginning of Amelia’s story of redemption right here.