and God bless Barney too

Sweet Harper has a little obsession.  He’s big, purple, has had the same voice forever, sings the same songs over and over (and over and over!) again, has a way of driving the older kids slightly nuts…and has been resurrected here in our home in a seriously big way.

She adores every song he sings and every move he makes.  Dude can do no wrong!  And therefore, adorable Harper feels the need to thank God every single night for the gift of her very best friend–her BFF forever!

Her nightly ritual is the same.  Every.  Single.  Night.

And God Bless Barney Too! from Adeye Salem on Vimeo.


May-men ~~ Amen
Doo-doo’s ~~ Sleep
Everything else ~~ I have no idea, but God does. Sweet music to His ears, I’m sure.

And this is just bedtime. She feels the need to pray for him at every meal too, of course.

Indeed, God bless Barney and the joy he brings to this little treasure of mine.