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another precious gift

Wow!  Sometimes God just totally blows me away.  Most of those times He uses people to do it…the glorious Body of Christ!

When we set out to adopt Hailee, we knew that it would be next to impossible to get any grant money for this adoption.  Unlike our previous two adoptions, this time there is no agency involved…which pretty much cancels us out from applying for financial aid. We knew from the start that this adoption would be on a wing, a prayer, and a whole lot of faith.

But is God God?

Is anything too hard for the Almighty Father?

Is there anything He cannot do?


We just found out that we have been $2500.00 for our adoptions!  The grant came from an amazing ministry called Anna’s Forever Families.   This incredible family lost their precious Anna (who was adopted) way too soon.  Now with Jesus, Anna’s hope lives on through their ministry to help others bring home precious children with special needs.  Their courage to continue on with what God has inspired to do, even in the midst of loss that my heart cannot comprehend, touches my heart so deeply.

We are so absolutely thankful to Anna’s Forever Families for blessing us with this generous amount of money.  It truly is a gift which brings us even closer to our goal.

With Harper now included in our adoption, we only need $7000.00.  That’s for TWO children to come home.  How amazing is that?  God has been so faithful to provide every step of the way. We know He’ll continue to do it until we have every penny we need to bring the girls home. He’s just amazing like that.

Dear friends, don’t ever let the ridiculous costs of adoption hold you back from walking on the water and trusting God to help you save the life of a child.  I know the costs are insane.  Unfairly so. But every time we do this, I wonder how in the world the money is going to come in.  And every time it just does.

Yes, indeed, is God God?

Don’t you just love the new blog button for Hailee and Harper?  My friend, Amanda, did such a great job changing it in a hurry for me.  I love seeing my two precious, beautiful treasures together.

If you already have the button on your blog, it will change automatically.  How in the world does that even work?  Modern technology just amazes me, and confuses the living dickens out of me–which is why I get other smart people to do these little things for me.

Me and technology…we don’t go very well together.