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attention: fundraising families

One of the requests I get the most is for fundraising ideas. I am definitely no expert in this area, but I do know with all my heart that fundraising for adoption is so hard and tiring.  Some days it feels almost impossible and you wonder if you will ever see the words “fully funded” next to your name.

Fundraising for our six adoptions stretched my faith more than anything else ever has!

Today I am here to encourage your hearts and remind you that you do NOT walk alone!  The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing and there are so many people who have a heart to help you cross that finish line.  Not everyone is called to adopt a child, but so many people long to do something to help.

This is their way of “caring for the orphan” as they are commanded to do in God’s Word!

Below is a list of many business who feel called by God to assist fundraising families to bring their sweet children home.  All of them have offered to give a portion (or ALL) of their profits to families who have stepped out in faith to adopt a child.  What a blessing from the Lord!

These businesses have graciously shared their details in the hope that you will reach out to them for assistance. Not only will an adoptive family be blessed with support and a lightened financial burden…but these businesses will also be so incredibly blessed by their obedience to help in this way.

But they cannot help fundraising families unless you reach out to them.  Click on the links below and read about how they can BLESS you in your fundraising efforts. 

This is their “WHATEVER!”

***  Please share this with anyone who you know could use some help and encouragement with their fundraising efforts.  Thanks!