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blossoming, bath-loving, beauties

Who, once upon a time, hated the bath.

How things have changed.

These days, we cannot get them out.

Bath time is so much fun. 

Can’t you tell?

Oh, the joy they bring us.

There truly are no words to describe it.  Right, Einstein?

They make me smile from ear to ear.

Aren’t they just completely edible? 

God knew, before the beginning of time, that these two needed to be together. He knew that they would need each other.  Every day we’re seeing that more and more.  Watching their relationship blossom is a beautiful thing.

I wanted to bring your attention to two families who so urgently need our help to bring their children home.  These families are in a major time crunch, and need funds urgently–like yesterday.  Please hop on over to their blogs, read their stories, and prayerfully consider helping out. 
Remember the iPad giveaway for Julia?  The Applin family won it.  Well, they are using it for a fundraiser they are having for their own adoption of two precious little angels from Russia.  Their adoption has been long and crazy, but there is light at the end of the tunnel for them.  They still need an enormous amount of money though. There is still time to chip-in for the iPad. The drawing will be tomorrow.  Please consider helping out.
The Dziagwa family are leaving for Eastern Europe in just 9 days.  Oh my goodness, friends, they are still short a crazy amount of money.  Nothing for the Lord, right?  They have some pretty fabulous fundraisers happening.  Please pray about playing a part in the rescue of their two daughters who have special needs.  They desperately need medical attention.

I appreciate your help so much, and I know they do too.

That’s it for now. 

Yikes, I almost forgot to tell you.  Hailee’s eye surgery went fabulously well.  If it was successful (60% chance), we should start seeing a difference pretty soon.  If not, she will have to have surgery again.  Obviously we’re praying it worked.  If it did, it will change her life.  No more strabismus.

Yipeeeeee….it’s Friday.  Major house cleaning on the cards for the weekend.  Nothing too yipeeeeee about that.  Time to clean closets and sort out winter clothes.  I love my little historic row house.  I really do.  But oh my word–what did people do for storage in 1900? 

Oh, that’s right, they only had two dresses–one to wash and one to wear.  How times have changed. We have way too much stuff!