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because his NAME matters

How can we ever thank you all enough for opening your hearts so widely and so generously to help the Musser family.  Your outpouring of love and support has been such a beautiful thing to see unfold.

Yesterday, we met the $5000 funeral costs pretty quickly.  Hallelujah!  What I did not realize was that that amount did not include a headstone for Tommy’s gravesite.  Oh my goodness, my heart broke when I heard that the Mussers never thought it even possible to be able to afford a headstone for their son in light of already needing to come up with such a large sum of money.  It would be something they would save up for later.

For sixteen years this little boy languished in the same orphanage as our Hasya.  

His name never mattered to anyone.

He never knew the love of a family, the warmth of arms to hold him, the tender voice of a mother’s love and care.

Until the day that he was CHOSEN.


The Musser family gave him a new name. A real name.

“I will give you a new name.”  ~~  Revelation 2:17


Thomas Christian Musser.

Dearly loved and treasured beyond words.

What a blessing from heaven it would be to the Musser family if they could give Tommy’s grave a headstone!  A headstone with the name chosen by God for their son!  His name mattered to God and to his family, and it would be such a gift to them to be able to honor their son in this way.

Can we do that, please?

The total on the fundraiser has been increased to include what is needed to ensure that Tommy is not laid to rest in an unmarked, nameless grave…

…but in a place where his name is boldly written for all to see.

Show us your glory, Lord Jesus!