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because one belongs

In the world of orphan care and adoption, the needs are absolutely overwhelming.  We see darling faces day in and day out.  Precious children who wait for families.

Some have special needs and are harder to find families for.

Some are older and are on borrowed time–every day that passes gets them closer to that dreaded day when they are told, “Sorry, no one is coming for you.  You can never be adopted.”  No child should ever have to hear those words.

It’s easy to become desensitized to the great need.  It’s easy to see so many faces and feel like the orphan crisis is just too overwhelming for us to make a difference. 

Jesus understood overwhelming crises. He understood tremendous need. I am so often reminded of the day He went to the pool called Bethesda in Jerusalem.  Many, many disabled people lay there.  The Bible calls them “a great number. Jesus went in and singled out ONE man to be healed.  Just ONE.  He did not look at the overwhelming problem, but went to the ONE, and what a difference He made in the life of that one man!


One matters.

One has infinite value.

Several months ago my heart absolutely broke for one young man who was on the verge of aging out of his country’s adoption system.  He was mere months away from being too old to find a family.

It was his story that gripped my heart. When adoption facilitators came to his orphanage to take new photos and videos of the children who were listed for international adoption, this sweet guy waited until the very end of the meeting and then placed a written note in the hand of one of the facilitators.

A simple note pleading for someone to come and give him a chance.

Many of our hearts were so deeply touched when we read his tender and emotional words titled, “I Want to Have a Family“.

The cry of his heart.

A family.

As a people who cares deeply, you helped us to shout from the rooftops that this one could not be left behind.

He was one of many…but his life mattered too.

In His grace and mercy, God moved on the hearts of a family who was already in the process of adopting a little girl from his country.

And He whispered to their hearts, “This one too.”

With a certain amount of fear at saying yes to an older boy, they stepped out of their comfortable boat and in obedience laid their lives down.

Because God always works out all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose.

God never calls us to “easy.”  He calls us to trust.

I have watched this young man’s journey unfold with tears in my eyes.  Every photo and every thought shared by his new mom has left me reminded once again that every child is valuable and precious in His sight.

A young man we all knew as “Noah” is now Luke.

Beloved son.

A boy adopted just a few days before his fourteenth birthday (the day when he would be unadoptable).


Given a chance in life.

A young man who no longer has the title “orphan” next to his name.

He is now part of a family who adores him.

He’s a son and a brother.

He has a new name.  A family name.

He belongs.

Luke is doing so amazingly well in his new family.  He is thriving being a part of a family who love him and are helping him to become the best that he can be.

God reached down from heaven and heard the cry of his heart.  He belongs.

Thank you, Luke’s new family, for taking a giant leap of faith and giving him a chance.  Thank you for showing the world that these older children are just as deserving of families as the young ones and that they can do well once home. 

So thankful for God’s faithfulness to this young man.  I can hardly wait to watch his story unfold.

If God puts it on your heart…advocate for ONE, share ONE story, spread the word about ONE who needs to be rescued, adopt the ONE God puts in front of you, sponsor the ONE He puts in your path.

It makes a difference.