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Good morning, friends.

This morning I am coming to you all with an EXTREMELY urgent situation and I am praying that many of you will help us to rally for this love.

Our team at PURE AND FAULTLESS has become aware of an adoption situation in Uganda.  There is a fifteen-year-old girl who has unfortunately lost both of her parents and has a serious heart condition that requires a transplant.

Her only hope is to be adopted and placed on the transplant list.  We have seen it done before…ALL things are truly possible!

She’s the one wearing purple who is seen here with her sweetheart doctor who contacted us about her potential adoption and subsequent heart transplant.


Her only hope is for the body of Christ to rise up and spread the word!  She is not listed on any advocacy sites and desperately needs us to be her voice.

A tough situation?  Definitely!  She needs a courageous family to rise up, come what may. She needs a family who will literally go to the ends of the earth to rescue her…because she is precious and valuable and because she matters so very much–to us, and to her Father in heaven!  She needs a miracle.

Thankfully, we know the ONE who parts the waters and raises the dead.  He can do this too!

Would you share her urgent need on your social media, please?  We’re standing in faith and believing that God has chosen the perfect family for Miss M…they only need to find her.

Thank you so much for joining your prayers with ours.  We believe that where two or more are gathered…He is there! (Matthew 18:20)

For more information, contact [email protected].

Show us your glory, Lord Jesus!