being ONE

Way back in 2011, a friend who reads along here shared a comment on one of the posts that I wrote about Hailee and Harper.  We had recently come home from Ukraine with our littlest angels. Amy had also adopted a daughter who has Down syndrome and shared her heart about how God had taken her on a journey of learning to “linger longer” with her sweet Chloe–to stay in the moment more, to embrace the slow victories with everything that she had, and just to learn to slow down and savor every tender minute God had given her with her little darling.  Chloe has had so many health struggles over the years and every one they have handled with such grace and tenderness.

Her comment really touched me deeply and ministered to me so much in that season when Hailee was still struggling terribly to adjust to life outside of the confines of her crib.  I shared my own thoughts about it here.

A couple of years later I was so blessed to be able to attend an orphan care conference in California.  What a joy it was to meet RD and Amy there!  Since then, God has blessed us so much by growing our friendship and knitting our hearts together.  Their friendship is such a precious gift to our family.

Over the past few years I have learned so much from the Cogswells.  A more giving family you cannot find.  They give.  They bless.  They drop everything when there is a need.  I have watched them sow their time and their resources to help so many families who are adopting children–all while trusting their Father in heaven to provide for their own adoption.

The Cogswells are waiting for their travel approval to bring their sweet daughter home from China. God has blessed them with another treasure who rocks the glorious extra chromosome,  and what a precious little angel she is!

Oh, my goodness!  So much sweetness.


Cora Jo is going to absolutely blossom in their loving care.

The Cogswells are still short on finances to cover their trip to bring Cora Jo home.  They have the most amazing T-shirt fundraiser going on, and I am so hoping that some of you will join us in helping a family who has given so much.

Would you help them to bring their Cora Jo home, please?


These are fantastic!  I absolutely LOVE the quote!

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do. — Helen Keller”

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Would you please BE ONE to a little treasure so that she can be united with the family who adores her?  They are so close to travel. It would be such an incredible blessing to them to have this weight lifted.


Because we rejoice when every child finds their way home!

Thank you, friends.  I so appreciate your help.