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a better day

Good morning from the Rockies–where the snow is piling high.

Thanks so much for praying for my little lovies!  Yesterday was a much better day.  Hallelujah!  No fevers.  Oxygen in the normal range for both girls.  Happy little personalities returning.  Blessings!  Even Daddy is feeling a tad better today.  Looks like we’re turning a corner…finally.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that since November was so insanely crazy with my family and we rarely had internet, I really did not get to post nearly as many adoption testimonies as I had hoped to.  The days just got away from me.  I still have some pretty amazing stories to share with you and have decided to continue posting them throughout the month of  December. I know that so many hearts have been touched by the ones I did already post, and I feel like I need to continue until I have shared them all.  I can’t wait to introduce you all to some very special families in the weeks to come.  I also have the most precious little girl who I am so looking forward to introducing you all to.

Slowly but surely we’re settling into our new old home.  In many ways it feels like we never left.  I cannot wait to get my hands on some paint to brighten up the walls around here.  My favorite colors have already been picked out and I’m almost ready to begin. I love to paint my homes. It’s just my thing.  It’s not a home until it’s painted and glowing with color.  I was at Walmart a few nights ago getting some groceries.  I made a little detour (because I couldn’t help myself) to the paint section and asked the nice man behind the counter for a few sample pots of paint in the colors I had picked out.  He took one look said, “I sure do hope these colors are for the inside of your house!”  Yup!  He laughed and said that my husband is a very brave man.  I assured him that my dear hubby gave up a very long time ago.  “Rather a paint fetish than diamonds,” I tell him.  (Anthony says, “Amen, sister!”)

And last but certainly not least, my amazing friend Patti is hosting an awesome giveaway to raise the ransom for not one, but two, of the most darling children who so desperately need to come home.  There are some incredible prizes up for grabs–all you need to do is sow some precious seed into their adoption funds.  Every little bit helps!  Thanks so much.

In awe of His astonishing love.

Happy weekend, everyone.