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birthday fever

For the benefit of my precious Dad, who lives in South Africa and can FINALLY read my blog–I just have to post pictures of my children more regularly.  How dearly he misses these angels of mine.  We miss him more than words can say.  Living away from family is just no fun at all.  I wish it got easier with time–but it doesn’t.  

What a blessed few days we have had celebrating precious one’s birthdays.  I hate that we have three children who are another year older.  How I wish I could just keep them little.

Hannah-Claire and Cade share the same birthday…destined to be that way since the foundation of the earth. Born on opposite continents–one from my womb, the other from my heart.

A big, warm embrace for a precious five year old from his beloved Daddy. 

A boy with such a sweet spirit.  “I love my new bike, Mommy and Daddy!”  Surely he can’t be nine already?

Forgot the candles?  No worries.  Just improvise with one of the decorative candles lying around here.  Oh, and an extra match, just for fun. 

Happy birthday, angel boy.

Big brother’s loving all the cake these days.  

So is the birthday girl.

Haven is definitely in sugar heaven!  This girl is so tiny–but she has the sweetest tooth ever.  We wonder whether all they ever fed her in China was sugary stuff.   

Oh I love this!  Our little dog, Cody, getting in on the action with the kids. 

Birthday boy–totally pooped after a full day of fun, friends and good times.  Birthdays are such hard work!

Counting my blessings tonight.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, that You have chosen to bless me with these.