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blessed in the waiting

Things are seriously crazy at the moment. So much happening all at once. All good though.

The extra step in Hailee’s adoption, with me having to become a US citizen, certainly has added to the whole adoption journey. Not too much work–just more waiting [on more government people].

Those of you who have adopted fully understand all the waiting–somehow it always feels like you are in a constant state of waiting.

Waiting for the next person to sign the required document.

Waiting for the right person to send you the forms you are needing.

Or just waiting for someone to get a blooming move on with whatever they need to do, so that you can proceed with the next step in the process.

So it is with my citizenship.

Waiting, waiting and a wee bit more waiting.

I’m trying to be patient. But man alive, it’s hard. My little girl is lying in a crib somewhere not so very nice, and here we are waiting, waiting, waiting for everyone to get a move on.

While we wait, we have been so blessed. Oh my goodness. We have a huge yard sale coming up on August 29. A few e-mails to friends and acquaintances, an appeal to our church…that was all it took for donations to start pouring in. Daily things are arriving–stunning things. We’re trusting the Father for a profitable day. This is our first major fundraiser.

I have been so deeply touched by the hearts of people. There is so much negativity every which way we turn these days. I cannot even stand to watch the news. Bad news everywhere. In a struggling economy, good news is hard to find. Yet, God’s people are letting their light shine in the darkness–continuously reflecting the heart of the Father in these tough times. We are seeing it before our very eyes, and it is such a beautiful thing to behold.

As we have been collecting things for our yard sale, and as word has spread about us bringing Hailee home, so many people (most whom I have never met before) have gathered little girl clothes and baby items for me. We have never had a 15 pound girl before (both our girls were older child adoptions), so this is all so new. Oh, and we never thought we would ever go back to the ‘baby stage’ anyway. So we never kept any baby stuff. Obviously God had other plans…and He’s providing everything we need every step of the way, even down to clothes and a crib for our angel girl.

Doesn’t God just care so deeply about the teeny, tiny details in our lives?

Just to make sure that my days are filled to maximum capacity, and I am never bored or at a loss for things to do–the kids and I are back in full swing with school again. Oh my, it took me a few days to get myself motivated, but we’re pretty much back in our normal routine again. In many ways it feels like we never even had summer…it just flew by.

Thank you to everyone who shared their homeschooling advice with me here. Honestly–I seriously stink at Math. Horribly. I needed something that was pretty much self study for my fifth grader. Many of you recommended Teaching Textbooks. I decided to give it a try. Boy am I thrilled I did. It has to be God’s gift to seriously-math-challenged-mommy’s like me. Worth every dollar! Thanks for the recommendation.

Be blessed in all you do, treasured friends.