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the blessing of time alone

Getting away alone together is one of the most challenging things for Anthony and me.  We don’t have any family around to leave our children with.  And most of our friends also have large families.

When my Dad and Beth (who are here visiting us from South Africa) insisted on watching our kids for one night so that we could get away, we jumped at the opportunity.

Time really has flown by.  The last time we went away together and spent a night alone was ten years ago.  Crazy!

It was way overdue!

We drove just 40 minutes away from home.

To a quaint little town that we absolutely love.

And there we spent one very blessed day and night all alone.  Just the two of us.



Counting our many blessings.

Dreaming about the future.

And embracing all that the Father has in store for us in the months to come.

I realized once again how exceedingly blessed I am to be married to the man God has given me.

What an adventure it has been!

We came home today feeling refreshed.

And more crazy in love than ever before.

So thankful for the beautiful blessing of time alone with the man who I adore.

God is so good to take care of our every need.