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boys and girls aging out…please share

Good morning, friends.  Here is a list of children who are so desperately needing to be chosen.  They are all very close to becoming too old to be adopted.  This is their last chance to be chosen!  Please, please can you help them by sharing their stories in the hope that their families will find them?  The life of each and every child matters.  These older children are living on borrowed time–every day that passes means less time to find a family.

Please help to make their dreams of having a family to call their own come true…before time runs out.

Thank you! I appreciate your help so much.


This young man has been on my heart for a long time.  His name is Sergey and he lives in Eastern Europe. 

Sadly for Sergey, he had a family, and then he didn’t.  They changed their minds and decided not to pursue his adoption.  Sergey is now available adoption again. He was expecting them to come for him and would be delighted to have a family. Could YOU be his family?

He is such a handsome boy!  Time is running out fast for Sergey and he needs a family to commit just as soon as possible.  Like Jonathan, his future is hopeless unless he is rescued. 

Anyone interested in knowing more about Sergey can contact the Eli Project


Please read about sweet Marshall who truly needs a miracle! This wonderful child ages out at the end of February, still enough time but he needs a family and he needs them NOW!

This handsome young man is in need of his forever family. He came into care in May 1998 and has lived with two different foster families until 2010 when he was transferred back to an institution. He has club feet and stiff knee joints that make it difficult for him to walk. He has had two surgeries to help correct his club feet and one surgery to help improve the mobility of his knees. He has also been hospitalized in 2005 and 2009 for bone tuberculosis. He is able to walk with crutches or the assistance of others. Due to his difficulty in mobility, he was unable to attend formal school. His foster mother was able to find a tutor for him and he was able to learn addition, subtraction and writing. It is reported that he has some difficulty learning. It is reported that he is very close with his foster mother and still speaks with her on the phone even after being transferred back to the institution.

Please give him a family who will love him forever!

Please take a look at wonderful Trey.

Trey loves to cook and is described as being a “sunshine boy!” He ages out in March.

Please email Annie at [email protected] for more info on this wonderful young boy! Here is just a bit from his file:

He studies hard and generally catches up with other children. He also has wide interests. He likes to play basketball, ride bicycle and play electronic game. He has been in the foster family for 3 years. He is active, outgoing and helpful. He is well liked by the parents and teachers.

Please, please consider this precious child!

Annie has a video of this precious boy! Oh my, he seems so sweet and gentle and shy. His favorite subject is English and actually says “good afternoon” in English! Please email her at [email protected] to see his videos. Praying for this wonderful boy.


Sweet, smart Jonathon ages out in July!

Jonathon was born in 1998 in southwest China. After being abandoned by his parents at birth, he went straight to the hospital. He not only survived but he is now a thriving young boy with amazing potential. He is in 7th grade and is a hard worker. His passions are studying, sports and people. This guy is a thinker. The orphanage director says he thinks even more than many adults. The director also says he is a perfectionist. Each time my friend goes to the orphanage he is welcoming, friendly and quite helpful. He has stated repeatedly that he wants to be adopted.  He wants a family!

His special need was cleft lip and palate. He has had 3 surgeries to repair his mouth. The 3rd surgery was plastic surgery.

His file states: He is liked by teachers. He likes to answer the questions. He is always the first one to finish the homework. He has no special needs. He is considerate and self-esteemed. He is the cleverest one in his roommates. He always helps caretakers to feed younger children. He also helps caretakers with cleaning. He is a considerate child. Caretakers in SWI all like him.

Are you his family? If so or if you know of who may be his family, please email Kenlyn at [email protected]


Wonderful Leon ages out in April!

Leon has a strong ability to express himself, and always say hello to others. He gets along well with others. He has 3 good friends he likes to play with. He loves to read comic books and loves the characters in the book. He can draw the characters in the books with good detail. His learning ability is strong. He is optimistic, friendly, gregarious, and smart. He is post-operative for Tetralogy of Fallot and his heart exams appear normal. The orphanage has agreed to waive the orphanage donation fee for any family who adopts Leon.


Sweet Will is 13 years old and is listed as having “deformed feet.”

I pray that his family will find him before it is too late as he will age in May.

He is outgoing, active and restless. Although he has limited functions, he loves sports such as playing football and badminton.

Please, please bring this sweet child home. Please help him to get the treatment that his feet need so that he can be as active he loves to be!


Dusty now has a $4,300 grant from a generous donor with GWCA- you must use them for the agency to be able to use this grant.
Dusty ages out in April.

Dusty is 13 years old. He is a healthy older child. Dusty hopes he can go to college to become a computer programmer and design games. He does well in school and has learned some English. He never gets in trouble, and he studies hard. He is an excellent artist and can do traditional Chinese painting. He also loves to play guitar. Dusty is good friends with Lucky and Ned. They hope they all will be able to be adopted and remain close (posted next).


Ned is 13 years old and will age out in July of 2012.

He is an older healthy child. Ned is described as very smart and places in the top 5 in his class when he works hard. He loves vegetables and dislikes sweet foods-not your typical teenage boy! He hopes to grow up and be a policeman to protect society. He very much wants to be adopted and hopes to know about his family’s interests and lifestyle so he can prepare before the adoption. He is friendly, hardworking and always tries to help other children. Ned is close friends with Lucky and Dusty. They hope they will all be able to be adopted and stay good friends.


Lucky is 13 years old and ages out in August.
He is a Hep B carrier. Lucky is noted to be a very friendly boy with an excellent temperament. He has learned English in school and loves to play basketball. He is extroverted and obedient. He hopes to be in the Special Forces when he grows up. He wants to be adopted and come to the U.S. He hopes his family will be warm and happy. Lucky is close friends with Ned and Dusty. They hope they will all three be able to be adopted and remain close.


This beautiful, polite, and shy young lady has an extremely limited amount of time left to be matched with a permanent family. She came into care at approximately 10 years old when she was found alone in a park, and her birth family could not be located. In August 2008 she received a blood transfusion after caregivers noticed her deteriorating appearance, spirit and appetite, and in March 2009 she was diagnosed with beta thalassemia. She developed healthily at the institution and adjusted to her new environment, and began receiving monthly blood transfusions.

She had not received much formal education but began to study knitting and embroidery, which she learned quickly. She also would help the caregivers at mealtime and with younger children. In June 2010 she entered into a foster family and began going to school every day, reportedly receiving high marks. She adjusted well to her foster family and enjoys helping her foster mother with housework.

She is getting a medical check every 3 months. She is noted to be meeting developmental and social expectations, though she is still catching up educationally and has trouble remembering what she learns. She listens well to her teachers and gets along well with classmates, whom she often invites to her home. She also is stated to enjoy making paper cuts and collecting dolls, as well as dancing, singing, taking photos, and playing outdoors with her younger foster sister. She hopes to be adopted into a family of her own, who should be patient and understanding of older child adoption and the impact on behavior and learning skills.

She now lives with her foster parents and a twelve-year-old younger sister in one of the local foster families. Her sister is from the same orphanage, affected by Cerebral Paralysis, she can’t talk yet can walk by self. At home, she gets well along with all family members. Sometimes she helps mom to take care of her younger sister – she could help to dress her up. Sometimes she helps to buy vegetables in the local grocery store and she knows how much change she should bring back home. Taught by foster mom, she knows how to cook rice and make simple dishes for both her sister and her when mom isn’t able to make it. On the weekend, mom usually takes her sister and her to the neighborhood to join the group dancing. She can learn to dance as well. She likes her foster mom the most as mom would buy her new clothes and teach her how to dance. And, she also likes playing with the dog of the neighborhood. Usually she takes her younger sister to the kindergarten first on her way to school as well as picks up her sister on her way home. At school, she has around ten good friends including boys and girls. Sometimes she is their leader while sometimes she listens to them. She can catch up with study at present and she just got 90 out of 100 in examinations of both Chinese and maths. She likes music and art in school. Sometimes she helps teachers to hand out exercise books or carry things. She can finish her homework at around 8:30pm every day. Sometimes she can does it by herself while sometimes she needs mom’s help for some of her homework. When asked if she wanted to be adopted by some foreign parents one day, she said yes. When asked if she minded it that there were siblings in her future family, she said no. When asked if she had seen any of her friends from the orphanage being adopted before, she said yes. When asked if she had any worries regarding the adoption, she said no. She said her foster parents love her so that she enjoys staying with them. However, she would also like to live with foreign parents as long as they love her.
Kate ages out in March!

Beautiful Naomi ages out in July.
Please read about this child who really needs a family.

She is currently living with a foster family that consists of a mother, older sister, and brother-in-law. She doesn’t go to school, but her foster mom is giving her some education at home. She can read a little and count and enjoys going to the park with her sister and her sister’s husband. She has many friends who are also foster kids and says that her favorite people are her foster mother and sister. She doesn’t have any pets, but her favorite animal is a rabbit. She is unable to do strenuous physical activities because she has a hard time breathing, but she can walk and run by herself in spite of a thorax and scoliosis issue. She is a very polite girl who says thank you.


Wonderful Jenna with the sweet smile ages out in March!

Jenna is a very sweet girl who enjoys playing with other girls her age. Her favorite game is basketball. She is in 5th grade and is starting to study English in school. Jenna is very helpful and is watchful of the younger children at the orphanage. She is a little shy at first, but after warming up a bit, she enjoys visiting with adults. Cake and ice cream are her favorite treats! Jenna has a condition called tuberous sclerosis. This condition affects her skin. Another symptom of this condition is mental delay. Jenna is not at the top of her class but she is still a very bright young girl, capable of functioning normally.


Sweet Julie ages out in November of 2012.

Please read about this wonderful child who is now basically healthy:

On admission she was found to have congenital aproctia and a rectovaginal fistula. In December 1998 she had anoplasty surgery, and in April 2005 she had bladder surgery, which were both successful. She is also reported to have mild right kidney edema. She started school later than other children due to her medical condition, and as of March 2011 is in the fourth grade. Currently she is reported to have normal physical growth and be on par cognitively with her peers. She enjoys playing games with her classmates, doing crafts, and can recite poetry fluently. She also is learning simple English words in school.

She states that she very much wants to join an adoptive family. Inspired by her teachers, she too wants to teach as her profession. From someone who met her: “Julie’s assessment states that she often shows great kindness and easily builds attachments.”

Please don’t let this child who loves to give hugs, age out!



Sweet Megan has been waiting so long!

Megan ages out in September of 2012, please consider this precious child

Because Megan did not go to school at the appropriate age, she was not able to do many things at the beginning of her admission. At the present, she is very diligent and studious. She has been able to learn what the staff has taught her. Since her admission, she has learned to tidy up shirts and beds from caretakers and she helps other children put on clothes and shoes and assists them with other things that she can do. Every day Megan comes back from school and finishes her homework actively. If she has questions that she cannot understand she takes initiative to ask the staff for help. Megan says she wants to learn much more knowledge. Megan is outgoing, active and restless. She is ready to help others, always with a happy smile on her face. She is satisfied with her present life, but she also hopes that she would have her own loving parents as other classmates in school.

Megan hopes that she will one day see her mother outside of school waiting for her and then go back home with her hand held by her mother.

There are so, so many other wonderful children who are waiting for families.  You can go to Annie’s advocacy page to see their sweet faces and read their heartbreaking stories here. 
I also wanted to tell you all about two sweet sibling groups in Eastern Europe who are about to age out.  You can read about these precious children who are in DESPERATE need of being rescued right here