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break our hearts for what breaks Yours!

More than thirty children have been added to this list. Each picture and story absolutely breaks my heart!  These are human lives!  Each precious one created in the image of a Father in heaven who adores them.  Some have medical needs, others are on the verge of aging out of the adoption system in their country–never to know the love of a family. Devastating! Each life so desperately needing someone to raise their hand and say, “Here am I, Lord!  Send me!”

Last night we went to see the film, The Drop Box.  If you haven’t seen it yet…go!  It’s a beautiful reminder of just how valuable every created life is–whether the child is born healthy or whether they will spend the rest of their days lying in a bed.  EVERY life is to be protected and nurtured, no matter the cost.  Anthony and I came home reminded once again that life is so precious and so very fragile too. God is raising up an army in these days–a people who will use their resources, their voices, and their families to care for the fatherless. I don’t want to miss out!

These children need us, the body of Christ, to rally for them.  They need a voice–someone to stand up and shout from the rooftops that they are worthy and valuable and so deserving of a family!

Family gives a child HOPE.

Would you rally with me, please?  Would you share their need on your social media? That would be such a blessing.  God can do anything and use anyone–all He needs is a heart that is willing.

Trusting and believing for every life represented here.  How God loves them!

This is Jessica. You can read her URGENT need here.  Let her be chosen by a family quickly, Lord Jesus!


Thank you so much for your help, friends.  I appreciate it more than words can say.