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bringing home Hailee article

There really are no words to describe what an amazing community we live in. They opened their hearts (and their wallets) when we brought Haven home last year. And this time with Hailee, well, they are going above and beyond.

This morning’s newspaper has a little story on our family–and our mission to bring Hailee home. You can read it here.

There is no picture in the online article–but this is the one in the newspaper.

(I had to laugh–fancy picture for the newspaper and my dear children are, as usual, without shoes. So very posh we are!)

We feel so blessed. Not just that we are getting some much-needed publicity for our yard sale and silent auction this Saturday–but that the heart of adoption is spreading in our community. That, to us, is worth far more than any money can buy. More and more people are hearing that adoption IS possible. That though the financial barrier is huge–it IS possible. They are seeing that God can use ordinary, plain old people [who never put shoes on their beloved children], just like us, to rescue these children from desperate situations.

Yes, God uses every adoption and journey a family takes to bring their child home as seed to stir the hearts of another family to do the same.

That excites me!

More, more and more children coming home.