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Friends, we have been exceedingly blessed by a very generous offer!

Village of Hope–Guatemala has been given a $17,500 MATCHING GRANT!  That’s HUGE.  And AMAZING!  And GOD!

Every dollar that you donate will be DOUBLED! 


A message from Project Hopeful:

Christmas is a time to focus on the REAL gift of our Savior, and His gift to us, our salvation. It is a time for Gifts that matter. Gifts that make a difference. Gifts that can’t be found in a mall. God is calling each of us to do something to help those in need, Village of Hope’s building fund has provided just such an opportunity.

~~  For mothers who are desperate to keep their children rather than allowing poverty to be the reason they lose them?   Build a home. Answer the call.

~~  For children who cannot, remain with their parents or who are orphans? Build a home. Answer the call.

~~  For the teenage mother desperate for anything stable and real? Build a home. Answer the call.

~~  For the woman who thought the only way she could survive was to deaden herself and sell her body? Build a home. Answer the call.

~~  For the homeless teenage boy who can’t hear anything on the brutal streets around him? Build a home. Answer the call.

The Twietmeyer and Block families are following the Holy Spirit’s leading to build Christ’s Kingdom, here on earth. Their time in Guatemala has taught them that one answer to many of the issues in Guatemala is to build a home where families can rest, be safe, receive education and appropriate medical care, and hear about the love of Jesus. Village of Hope’s first duplex is already full, and there is an immediate need for 2 more duplexes to be built.

The cost to build two duplexes is $75,000. This may sound like an insurmountable goal, but we have a God who is going to provide. Through YOU! God is calling YOU to do something to help those in need. God is asking you to answer that call!

Village of Hope and the people of Guatemala need YOU to build these homes. We never want to forget that God builds His Kingdom through your generous gifts.

When you answer the call by giving $100 or more Village of Hope will creatively memorialize your family name in the new homes.

We are pleased to announce that we have a match! A family who loves Project HOPEFUL and Village of Hope has agreed to MATCH – dollar for dollar – up to $17,500 every gift given to Village of Hope! That’s half of a NEW house! 

We are incredibly blessed by this news and hope that you will take a moment to give and DOUBLE your gift! Answer the call with us and bring your gift to the altar (not the mall) of the only ONE who can truly multiply. Jesus.

All donations are tax deductible.