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can you help, please?

Sometimes taking a leap of faith is so scary.

I just have no idea how this is going to work out–but I am so, so thankful that I know the ONE who does.  And that has to be good enough for me.

There are some things which are just beyond our human understanding. Very soon I will share my heart with you all. 

But today I come to you, the amazing readers of this blog of mine, pleading for your help.  It has been a while since I have done a fundraiser where I have asked for donated items.

But this time is so different.  This fundraiser is different.

This time God has led us to a situation which our hearts truly cannot even begin to understand.  A situation so dire. There is no time to waste.  Every day is like precious gold.

Oh my goodness!

This time I need donated items to try and raise money in a huge hurry.

Would any of you be willing to jump in with us and make a PROFOUND difference?

I am looking for any kind of donated item–iPads, iPods, Kindles, Nooks, any other kind of gadgets, etsy items, gift cards…anything which can be used as part of a giveaway.

If you are interested (or know of someone else who may be) and would like to be part of the mission God has set before us this time…please e-mail me at [email protected]Please just put “donation item” in the subject so that I know to look out for it.

With all my heart…thank you!