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catching up

I finally had some time to download (upload?) all the photos off my camera.  I know, I’ve been totally hopeless at posting pictures of my darlings recently.  Life has just been so busy with adoption paperwork and everything else we have going on.  I have lots of catching up to do.

Starting with my beautiful Hailee’s birthday.

Turning seven was so much fun for our littlest.

This girl makes us laugh.  She is a big personality wrapped up in a teeny, tiny little body.  Hailee is JOY!

Cake!  I see cake!

Hold me back….I LOVE sugar.

And presents too.

These pictures totally make me smile.

How FAR Hailee has come!

Two years ago we celebrated Hailee’s birthday in Ukraine.

She had been screaming for five days straight, was still struggling with the side effects of an adult tranquilizing drug that she had lived on for five years, was agitated, restless, impossible to soothe, banging her head on everything, biting her fingers until they bled, almost ripping her ears off, overwhelmed and just completely miserable.

But that was then.

Yes, indeed.  How FAR she has come.

Today Hailee is a new creation in every way.

In just two short years.

How exceedingly blessed are.

That God reached down from heaven and whispered into our ears…..

“THIS one!  THIS one is yours!”

“Now GO!”

So blessed!

Loving my Hailee girl fiercely.