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catching up

It’s a sad day in the adoption community.  When a program as large as Russia suspends all adoptions, oh my goodness, there are no words. My heart aches for the families…and the thousands of children who wait in that country. This is so horrible. So many lives are going to be affected. The whole situation is completely outrageous. Oh Lord Jesus.

As this announcement sends shockwaves through the adoption community, many are wondering what will happen with this country I’m in. How will they respond, if at all? I have no idea.  Obviously I’m concerned as I sit here waiting for my court date only at the end of next week.  I know, and have seen, that anything is possible here.  So we pray…and we wait!

Holding onto the One who is more than able.

As my third week away from my family winds down, I am starting to feel very lonely here. I have not seen or heard one other American since I have been here. I am the ONLY American at the orphanage…no other families are there to adopt a child. How I wish that were not the truth. I wish I saw many families visiting with their children each day, but sadly, it’s only me.

It’s crazy the things we do when we’re all alone.  I took a two hour NAP.  Seriously.  A NAP.  I never take naps.  Ever. Not even before kids. I walked into the apartment after visiting my angels and my eyes could not stay open.  I was so tired just from dealing with all the emotions.  I fell on the bed and was lights out for two hours.  My hubby didn’t believe me.  I woke up and had an insane craving for any American food.  So I went to McDonalds!  Yep, I did.  Not my favorite place at all. My kids were shocked.  And, I didn’t even have a salad.  Uh-uh…french fries. Large french fries. I ate every single one of them.  So good!  I don’t eat meat at all, so a hamburger was out of the question. But the fries were fabulous–with copious amounts of ketchup.

I’m taking things one day at a time here.  I heard today that my Interpol police clearance is a done deal, so now I wait for court on April 22.  One week from today.  Please God, let nothing happen between now and then.

I have been able to visit Hailee and Harper every day.  Some days for just a few minutes, others for about an hour. The drive to the orphanage takes about an hour–not because it’s particularly far away, but because the roads need some serious help in this country.  They are falling apart. Far worse than any African road I have ever been on.

The weather has been warming up ever so slightly so I take the girlies outside, into the glorious sunshine. They love it.  Hailee is starting to get more used to being in a stroller. Harper loves it. The orphanage staff totally laugh at me–they bundle up girls and hand them to me and I carry one in each arm (with my purse over my shoulder) down two flights of stairs to where the strollers are kept.  They think I’m super mom!  If only they could see me at home with seven.

Visiting the orphanage is hard for me. I see the kids there every single day.  It kills me. There is one eight year old little girl who has decided that I’m pretty darn fine. She laughs when I speak, and then talks back to me as if I understand every word she says. I pay attention to her and she absolutely soaks it in. She is beautiful. I so wish I could have a conversation with her, find out how she is. Such a precious little treasure just waiting, waiting, waiting to be found by someone. I have to fight back the tears every time I look at her sweet face.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Things on the home front are great.  I skype with my family often and they are doing well.  Having the best time with grandparents. They’re missing me, but doing fine. Such a huge relief as I sit here so far away.

A  few of you have written to ask me about the drug that Hailee is on. I got the name of it and my hubby asked a doctor.  It is not addictive.  It is an anti-psychotic drug for behavioral issues.  My goodness gracious. The child is an angel.  Go figure. It does it’s job in keeping her calm and sedated. Very soon…no more!

I am praying with all my heart that Hailee will be home for her fifth birthday.  May 12 is her special day. What a celebration it will be for her this year. I doubt she has ever had birthday cake–my other kids will show her how it’s done. 

Thank you for your amazing encouragement, sweet friends.  It really does mean the world to me as I sit here waiting for time to pass. I appreciate each one of your beautiful comments so much.  Thank you for your support and your prayers.

Love and hugs from the Ukraine.