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cherishing the moments

Life has been hectic.  So ridiculously crazy.  I’m trying to slow down.  Trying to enjoy every day that the Lord gives me.  One day just seems to fly into the next. Does it feel that way for you too?

Some days I wish I could stop the clock…after we bring Hailee and Harper home, of course.

We’ve had some welcome snow.  Did I even say that?  I am so not a lover of anything cold. I don’t even like ice in my drinks. Our area has been looking so dry though. We have had a very dry winter.  Cold, but dry.  So lovely to see the land all white again.

The kids and I always marvel at the snow.  The fact that every single snowflake is different just blows my mind.  How did God even do that?  So amazing.

How can anyone dispute a creator of all things?


I just don’t get it.

God of wonders!

Our days are full to overflowing with togetherness.  The kids are working hard on their schoolwork.  I would love to be done with the school year by the time we have to travel to pick up Hailee and Harper.  The last thing I even want to think about is unfinished curriculum when I’m on the other side of the world.

Unfinished work will just have to wait until next year. What will it matter anyway?

I’m slowing down to savor the sweet moments with my treasures.  Making the most of these days I have with them while they are still young.  Time will pass too quickly, I’m told.  Before I know it, these sweet angels will be out of my home, pursuing all that God has for them.

Everyone tells me that day comes way too soon.

I’m cherishing the moments while I have them here in my home.

Soon life will become just a wee bit busier around here.  These five will have to adjust to having two new family members.  I’m not concerned about it.  I know the Lord has their hearts in His hands.  He’ll take care of every feeling, every desire, every concern, and every tender little heart as we adjust to our new normal with Hailee and Harper.

Yes, life is about to change for these sweet blessings of mine.  But oh how God is about to multiply the love…there sure is plenty of it to go around.

It’s a time of preparation in our home.

We’re preparing our hearts, and our home, for our two new angels to join the crew.

I’m resting in the Lord.  In the midst of all our crazy paperwork trials, I know that He destined the day we would meet our two girls before the foundation of the earth.  I know that none of these delays (which I am so not loving) have taken the Almighty by surprise.

And so I choose to rest in His perfect timing.

By the way, the orange on my walls is seriously not that orange in real life.  The camera just did that, and I don’t know how to change it.  Just in case you thought I must be completely strange to live with walls that glow!


I’m letting my dear hubby loose here on my blog tomorrow night.  He’s going to answer the one question so many of you write and ask me.  He’s the perfect one to answer it!  Why?  Because he’s living proof that prayer works…and that God is more than able to turn the coldest heart in this one particular area.
And, he’s just a fabulous writer too. I always wonder why I’m the blogger, and he’s not. 

Sally, could you please e-mail me, friend.  [email protected]