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choosing to trust

How can I ever thank you all enough for the many prayers that have been brought before the Lord on behalf of our sweet embryos today?  My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude.

It’s been quite a day.  Emotional.  Painful. Weepy. Joyous.

Sadly, three of our babies were just not strong enough to survive the thaw.  As much as I was expecting it, and my heart was prepared for it, it hurts so bad.  I am so sad that they never got to make it into my womb.  Tonight we choose to rejoice that they are no longer frozen in a test tube, but are safely in the arms of Jesus.

With all of the odds that our one surviving little love had to overcome, tonight he/she is tucked away in my womb.  According to the doctor, it’s an absolute miracle that this blessing survived the thaw. We are so, so grateful.

Our little fighter.

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Our sweet embryo baby is in for the fight of their life.  Statistically, things don’t look good and its survival percentage is very low–according to medical science.


This is where we dig so deep in our faith and trust that with God, ALL things are possible. This is where we believe that if His eye is on the sparrow, He can watch over this love too. This is where we choose to believe by faith that God loves to make the impossible possible. This is where we confront this situation with HOPE instead of hopelessness–trusting in our God who gives sight to the blind, heals the sick, and raises the dead.

Anthony and I are choosing to believe that if it’s God perfect will, this baby will have life, and life abundantly–no matter what anyone says.

And so we speak LIFE over this embryo.

I cannot even tell you how honored and privileged I feel tonight to be carrying this tiny little love in my womb.  I don’t understand God’s ways.  I don’t understand why the others were not able to make the transfer.  But I do know with all of my heart that my God is a faithful Father.

In Him I will place my trust.

Not my will, but YOUR will be done, Lord Jesus!

THANK YOU for standing with us in faith.  Where two or more are gathered….