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completing the look

There once was a little girl.

Who heard her mommy saying.

That kids grow up too darn quickly.

And she just had to agree.

Because this little girl thought….

That getting big.

And doing the things that big girls do.

Was just like SO much fun!

And so she took it upon herself.

To sneak into a certain visitor’s bedroom.

Ever, ever so quietly she tiptoed down the hallway to see what she could find.

And she decided that the time had definitely come.

To try out that brand new bottle of foundation that the visitor had recently bought.

And ever so carefully.

With much patience and skill obtained simply by observation.

The toddler applied her stolen newly acquired make-up.

And she just had to agree….

That it is just SO much fun being a girly girl!

And that her mommy was right.

Kids do grow up quickly!

And then she lovingly looked up her big brother.

And with her pretty blues eyes (which turn their hearts to pure mush in a nanosecond!).

She asked him if he too thought that she looked oh so pretty.

Of course, he simply had to agree.

After all…it took an entire bottle of foundation to create just the look she needed for the night.

Doesn’t every little girl need to complete the pajama look with a perfectly made up face?

Harper sure does think so.