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A few of my bloggy friends have been blogging about contentment and the things that they are grateful for in their lives. Mmmmm…it got me thinking. This is a journey the Lord has been taking me personally on for the last two years. So, I thought I would share contentment through my eyes in the season I am in.

Many friends have gone around their homes and posted things that they are grateful for. So, I started taking a look around my house, wanting to do the same. There are just so many things in my house that I love and am so grateful for. BUT…my journey to find contentment has been different, so I abandoned the idea.

The last seven years of my life have been a JOURNEY…a journey to finding contentment, no matter what the circumstances. Growing up, I lived in just 4 houses. In the last 7 years…we have lived in 13!!!!! I have been stretched and challenged and God has taught me NOT to place my contentment in the things that I have and the house that I live in…it can change or be gone in an instant. My perspective on life and living has changed dramatically. Here are some of the things that I am soooooo grateful for….not in this order.

1.) The freedom I have to educate my own children

If anyone had told me 10 years ago that I would be homeschooling my kids, I probably would have laughed. I loved having “me time” and loved earning my “own” money. Then, 4 years ago, I thought I would give homeschooling a try…just for one year! I LOVED it so much. I love having my children with me all day. My days are full and crazy busy…but wonderful. I have the privilege of doing so much fun stuff with them. Yes….we do have to make HUGE sacrifices financially. It is HARD to survive on one income. We cannot eat out much or take the kids to every amusement park they want to go to. We cannot enroll them in every sport their hearts desire. BUT…the sacrifices are so worth it. We have learnt to be creative in finding fun family things to do that cost very little or nothing at all. Just being together is what is important. We really love being a homeschooling family. I am so grateful for this.

2.) The blessing of many children

When Anthony and I got married we said 2 kids!!!! That was it. Well….then we asked God what HE wanted 🙂 As we prepare to bring our fifth home we just could not feel more blessed. The Lord has done amazing things in our hearts regarding adoption…specifically those who are hard to place in families. Our home is always ALIVE, full of laughter and joy. We are completely surrendered to the Father regarding children, adoption and His prefect will for our family. Our hearts have changed so much regarding children…from telling the Lord how many children WE want (and can cope with!)…to surrendering our hearts to how many children HE would have us have! I am so grateful for this.

3.) Anthony!

Yes….I have been blessed. I married a man who seeks the Lord with all His heart. A man who is willing to do crazy things for the Lord. A man who loves his family more than anything in the world (besides God!). A man who works so hard to be a great provider for his family. A man who thinks that I am beautiful….even when I look like I just stepped out of the laundry hamper :). He always makes me feel beautiful! A man who would go to the end of the earth to see ME fulfill the dreams and desires that I have. I am so grateful for this man.

4.) A home

I LOVE to decorate. It is one of the things I just love to do. Things never stay the same around here for very long 🙂 If it can be moved…it WILL! I LOVE paint! A few years ago I placed such value on my house. Now, I have realized that “home” can be anywhere. It is so temporary, it can change anytime. I have come to realize that my house needs to be a haven for my family…but it also needs to be a place that I am willing to give up if (and when) the Lord tells me too. I have learnt that home can be anywhere…as long as my family are in it 🙂 While we are living in it I will make it look as nice as I can for the enjoyment of my family and friends…but I will let it all go in a heartbeat should the Lord move us on. I am so grateful for a place here on earth we can call home!

5.) Friends and family

An obvious one! But still, one the Lord has taught me so much about over the last few years. As we have moved around the world, the Lord has taught me the value of REAL friendships. Those that last a lifetime. Most of my special friends are spread out around the world…I do not get to see them every day, or even every year, but they are sooooo faithful. I know they are just a phone call or an e-mail away. No matter where the Lord takes us, I KNOW they will be there for me. I am so grateful for faithful friends.

These are the things that I am so grateful for. The Lord is STILL teaching me. I have so many days when I take my eyes off the Father…I NEED more, I WANT more…but NONE of these things matter. I LONG to be like Mary….just being content to sit at the feet of Jesus and find everything that I need in this life right there!!! I am still learning what true contentment really is…I have such a long way to go 🙂