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crying out for two awesome boys

In the last couple of weeks a few people have reached out and asked me to help advocate for the same two boys.  They are beyond precious!  In my understanding, many people have been advocating for these two boys…and still they wait.

Sadly, they don’t have much time to find families.  Both are on the verge of aging out (becoming too old to be adopted!).

Can we help?  Would you please join in and help us to spread their need far and wide?  My heart breaks for these older children who see countless young ones leave their orphanages with families.  They long for the same!  I cannot imagine the rejection they must feel.

This young man is “Holden”.  This sweet guy has seen other children from his orphanage leave with families and has asked for someone to come for him too.  He is longing for a family of his own!  Holden is said to be an amazing, very polite boy who would be such a blessing to any family.

You can read more about Holden RIGHT HERE.

I ache at the thought of him not being chosen!

For more information about Holden, please contact Annie at [email protected]

And then there’s this cutie.  Such a darling boy!  I have no idea why he hasn’t been scooped up a very long time ago.  “Hunter” is also thirteen years old and desperately wants a family.  He is said to be sweet, silly, and a man of many talents (my best is the picture he drew of himself with a family–oh my!).

More information and lots of pictures and videos of this sweet boy RIGHT HERE!

Contact Annie at [email protected] to review his file or for more information.

Who will rise up, Church? 

Who take a giant leap of faith and give these two boys a chance to know what it feels like to be a part of a family?

Who will make their dreams of belonging come true?

I KNOW there are families out there!  Would you please help us spread the word so that we can find them?  Thank you!  It really means a lot.

Show us your glory, Lord!