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daddy’s girl

This sweet little girl is such a Daddy’s girl. “Da-Da”, she calls him. It is one of the very few sounds that Haven is able to make.

Haven loves her date night with Daddy.  Every week Anthony takes one child at a time out for some one-on-one Daddy time.  It’s a special time. The kids love it.  Haven knows when it’s her turn.  She almost runs out the door with her Daddy, hand in hand. Not only does she get Daddy all to herself for a few hours, but she also gets to pick out a yummy treat.  What could be sweeter?

Haven may not communicate with words, but she sure does a great job at letting us know how she feels about things.  Her smile alone lights up a room. She is such a treasure in our family.

Her date with Daddy is the cutest thing.  While she devours her treat, Anthony asks her simple questions.  She either nods, or shakes her head in response. The only thing that she really cares about is that she is right where she wants to be–with the man who loves her the most in this life. The one with arms that never grow weary of holding her tight. Her protector. Her Daddy. No words are necessary to have the best time ever on her date night with him.

Who needs words anyway? Most of the time they just get in the way.

I have so much to learn from my beautiful daughter.