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darling little guy

The newest little boy in the family is doing SO well.

He’s the family cuddle bug.  We cannot sit down without him scooting over for a lap and some major snuggling.

Still not walking–but it will happen when he’s ready.  He has the rest of his life to master the art of walking.

Is learning how to cruise around furniture.  That’s a sweet victory!

Feeding Kael is our greatest challenge.  He has significant tongue thrust and cannot get the chewing thing down.  Everything gets swallowed whole.  For now we keep his diet soft and pureed.  And that’s okay.

He loves going in the car.

Hasn’t gained a whole lot of weight, but we can tell that he has definitely filled out.  

His giggle is the sweetest thing ever.

Loves our pets.  

Can chug down a cup of juice in five seconds flat.

He’s getting so much better with not slapping his face (which he did constantly when he came home) or self harming.

Loves, loves, loves food.  When mom’s in the kitchen, it means food is coming!  He’ll get right under my feet waiting for something yummy.

Kael still has a lot of institutional behaviors.  He makes his little self-soothing sounds all day long.

Considering where he came from, he truly is doing amazingly well.

He just belongs.