A Loss For Words—And Potato Skins

It seems that most of our deep and meaningful discussions as a family take place at the dinner table. Maybe it’s because we insist that when we have dinner, it’s as a family, and no-one is allowed to leave until dismissed by Daddy—we have them trapped 🙂

So, for the sake of conversation, I casually tell Hannah-Claire that her little friend, Suzie, is going to be a big sister. Suzie is 6 years old.

Anthony: Oh, so Suzie is an only child?

Me: Yes, they never wanted more children, but they changed their minds and decided to have another. (Uh oh—the moment the words left my lips I wished I could have turned back the hands of time—I knew what was coming!).

The oldest (who is almost 10 and NEVER misses a darn thing) chimes in—-

Oldest: But, if Jesus puts a baby in a mommy’s tummy (which is what we have told them), then how can they just ‘change their minds’? How does that work, Mom? How does Jesus just put a baby in your tummy? How exactly does the baby get in your tummy?

Yip, we saw it coming, no surprises here.
Husband and I look at each other—how in the world do we answer THAT!

Me: Ummmm, well, you see, ah, heck, well honey, goodness, let’s see here….(Yes, a TOTAL loss for words).

I give hubby the look that says ‘you say something’. You know how you can just give your husband a look, and he knows exactly what it means without you even having to say a single word?

Husband looks at me as if to say “come on wife, you got us into this—now you get us out of this” 🙂 Still, he is gracious enough to bail me out….

Anthony: Well son, it’s very complicated. One of these days we will sit down with you and your brother and explain how it all works.

The oldest: But why can’t you just tell us now, we have time. Tell us Daddy. What’s the big deal?

By now Anthony and I are giggling (which just makes it so much worse). There are not many times we are at a loss for words—until now!

The funny thing is that Anthony and I spent years on the mission field—a lot of that time was spent teaching kids about sex. Other kids? No problem. Our own kids? Well, we are completely stumped. Help—those who have gone before us in this—how in the world do you teach your kids about the birds and the bees? There has GOT to be a book we can read on finding just the right words 🙂 Surely?


I just love the profound things that come out of my childrens’ mouths—those deep, well thought out statements that make me go “mmmmm, where in the world did that come from?” They’re the things that keep me laughing, the things that always remind me how thankful I am that I am surrounded by little ones. Just like this, from my sweet Hannah-Claire today….

Hannah-Claire is six and was adopted from China almost 3 years ago. The kid is a total Salem—she fits in like a glove. To her, she has been with us forever.

The children and I study God’s Word every morning. We’re learning about creation and Genesis.

Me: Isn’t it just so amazing that God created us all so differently—yet, we are ALL sons and daughters of Adam. No matter where anyone lives, or what they look like, they are all descendants of Adam.

Kids: Wow mom, so people who have different color skin all come from Adam?

Me: Yes honey’s, isn’t that amazing?

Hannah-Claire and Haven’s skin is so much darker than ours. God made them that way.

Hannah-Claire—(some days I think this girl thinks she looks exactly the same way we do—she is completely unaware of her unique differences). She thinks. Suddenly a little light goes on inside her head….

Hannah-Claire: I know, I get it! Me and Haven look just like potato skins! Hey Mommy? Our skin looks just like a potato skin? It’s the same color!

Ah, yeah Honey—-something like that! You look just like a potato skin. Why in the world did I not think of that before!

Oh, the joys of parenting small children. We laugh, we cry, we find ourselves at a complete loss for words—it’s the stuff sweet memories are made of.