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day by day

We’re almost three weeks post surgery.

And this little darling is sitting in her wheelchair again. Hallelujah! For just a few minutes at a time.  But she’s doing it!

It is so important for her lungs that we get her sitting as much as possible.  And even though she’s definitely not a fan of her new body brace, she’s such a trooper to persevere and give it a try.

With a sweet smile too.

For almost four years we have done everything humanly possible to put weight on Hasya. When she came home three weeks before her fifteenth birthday she weighed 20 pounds. Every single pound that she has gained over the last four years has been like gold on her tiny frame. We knew that surgery would be hard. We knew that keeping the weight on her would be difficult. I weighed her this morning and she has lost a few pounds. She’s right at 40 pounds again and I am so praying that we don’t see the 30’s again. Please, God! Please pray that her appetite returns. Weight is such a big deal for this young lady of ours. One day at a time.

How He loves her!

And so do I.

With everything I have.