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Today I took Haven to our local public school for a speech therapy assessment. It was so interesting and the Speech Therapist was wonderful. She had some great ideas in helping Haven to at least make sounds…kind of like baby babbling sounds.

Haven and I spent about 40 minutes with her. After our session I met with the Speech Therapist and the Principal of the school. They both felt that it would be a HUGE benefit to Haven if we enrolled her in the Kindergarten class (even though she is 8). They felt that by putting her in a small class, Haven would learn much quicker. AND, she would benefit from all the services that the school can offer her–regular speech therapy and ESL.

This is the first time that we have considered this as an option for Haven. My first response to them was that I would ONLY consider it if Hannah-Claire was enrolled with Haven. Hannah-Claire is actually in Kindergarten, but is obviously homeschooled.

I feel so torn about what to do. I know that Haven will benefit a lot from the intervention services that the school can offer BUT I am hesitant to send her. I am concerned about how she will do. We still have regular “toiled issues”–how will she cope in a school environment? I know that Hannah-Claire will help her a lot, she is amazing with Haven. I know too that Haven would feel safe having Hannah-Claire with her. Because Haven is older than three, the only way we can obtain free services is through the school district. We just cannot afford to do it privately.

Soooooo, my heart is so torn tonight. What is the best thing for my daughter? Please pray with us that God would give us peace about what to do.

I guess I feel torn because I truly love homeschooling my children, it is such a joy. I love having Haven home with me, where I know that she is taken care of, where I know I can meet her needs. But, is it the best thing for Haven right now? Does she need more than what she is getting at home? I just don’t know. Today brought a bit of confusion.