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declaring His goodness

A memory popped up on my Facebook this morning.

Hasya in her standing frame exactly three years ago.  Life passes so quickly and I never want to forget the milestones and the miracles. She could literally only do a few minutes upright at a time and even that was hard.  I was so afraid she would break a bone. But, it was such a sweet victory to get her standing (with a lot of support) after fifteen years of laying on her back.  Goodness, she was so tiny–weighing about 25 pounds.

It’s taken three years for Hasya to graduate to the supine stander.

In three years she has gained 20 pounds (which is a lot on her little body). Plus, she’s gained so much strength and can stand for a long time these days. Her bones are way less fragile as she has grown and learned to eat her food by mouth.

God has been so good to my daughter.

Haz stander

Looking back and declaring His faithfulness.

Looking forward with hope and expectation in our hearts.