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delayed time away

Oh my goodness, thank you so very much for all the e-mails asking me for Tony’s address.  I just checked my inbox and was blown away.  I have so many of you to respond to.  I promise to do it just as soon as possible.  I am running behind on everything.

You see, the last 36 hours I have spent, well, on the potty.  So delightful.  Remember the horrible stomach flu that swept through our family two weeks ago?  The nasty thing got me again.  I have been so sick with the awful thing.  Thankfully, so far I am the only one in the family to get it again.  We’re praying it stays that way.  I am one to rarely get anything that goes around.  I have no idea what happened this time. No fun at all.

We were actually meant to head out on a little family getaway today.  Time away from home,  a much-needed change of scenery, time to catch up with good friends.  Obviously that did not happen.  I just could not do it today.  

Tomorrow we will try again.  This will be our first family getaway in almost three years.  Terrible, I know.  Our kids are obviously super excited and are dying to just get in the car and go.  Hopefully tomorrow. Please God.

We need the time away.  Life has been crazy, as I know it has been for many of you.  Like many others, we have been hit hard by a fragile economy.  We have been forced to make some big changes around here. We are still facing some tough decisions.  We choose to count our blessings–we know there are many facing far tougher situations than us.  Many mountains before us feel almost insurmountable.  We know they’re not.  Only because we know the ONE who holds our lives in His hands.  They just feel that way. We know God is more than able to take care of every single need that we [and you] have.  Stretching times cause us to dig deeper in our faith.  Trying times force us to keep our eyes on the Almighty.  And that, my dear friends, is a good thing.

And so we’re really trusting we can escape for a while tomorrow.  Just for a few days.  It is so overdue for our family.  We’re ready for a change.  Just a little bit of time out.

Thanks again for your willingness to hep with a blessing for Tony in Iraq–I know he is going to be blown away when all our cards and well wishes start rolling in.  Don’t you just love being a blessing to others?  So much fun.

Love you all.