desperately needing their Christmas miracles

This time last year I shared a blog post highlighting children in desperate situations. By the grace of a merciful God who loves the orphan passionately, many of those angels are either home this Christmas or coming home soon.  All heaven rejoices when just one precious little soul finds a family.

Since my heart is so desperately heavy with the needs all around this Christmastime, and I feel such an urgency to do something to help, I thought I would do a similar post to the one I did last year–a post highlighting some of the neediest, most desperate of the Father’s flock.

Some days I honestly feel so desperate.  Some days I feel like there is no way that we can ever make a difference in the lives of so many children around the world who are just languishing in cribs; or begging caretakers for a mommy and a daddy; or literally dying of diseases, conditions, or malnutrition which could so easily be prevented. The statistics are staggering–more than my human heart can comprehend. And some days I feel like my heart is about to shatter into a million pieces when I see little faces staring at me from my computer screen. 

Recently I have had so many requests to advocate for various children–some of them on the verge of aging out (becoming too old to be adopted) or for one reason or another become unadoptable.  Some desperately need medical attention which the country they live in cannot (or will not) provide.  Each sweet child with just one thing in common…

The URGENT need for someone to come for them.

Honestly?  I wish I could highlight every child individually.  I wish I could dedicate my days and all my time to advocating for precious treasures just waiting to be found.  But I’m just a mom with a not-so-very-big blog.  I struggle to find the balance sometimes. I lie in bed at night and ask the Lord to show me ways to help more.  Sometimes it feels like a hopeless cause…but then He whispers to my heart that together, as a community of people who care deeply, we can make a difference!

Below is a place for you to add children you know of who are seriously in need of being rescued quickly. You are welcome to add them.  Simply click on the link and it will prompt you to add the details.  You will need to link to a website that the child is listed on (the exact page where they can be found), or a blog post where someone has shared their story.  Make sure you add a photo of the child in the thumbnail–people like to see faces!  Also, you will be able to give a brief description in the thumbnail.

IMPORTANTPlease, the only thing I ask is that you only list children who are in DESPERATE NEED–either time is running out for them soon, or they need urgent medical attention, or they are about to be transferred to an institution (or have already been transferred).  I know that ALL orphans need families, but as you all know, there are some who are just in dire need of being rescued quickly–before it is too late.

Lastly, in order for us to share these sweet children with as wide an audience as possible in the hope that their families find them as soon as possible, can I ask you to please share this link on all social networks that you are part of?  The ONLY way these angels will be found and rescued is if we share their stories!

Thank you so very much for believing with me that every child who is listed below WILL be rescued…that they will NOT become another one of the statistics of orphans who die unnecessarily…because nobody answered the call.

Together, we CAN make a difference!

***  If you are unfamiliar with international adoption–“transferred” means that a child has been moved from a baby house to a mental institution for adults and children.  Few can survive the conditions in these places!  It truly becomes a race against time to rescue these children–they are living on borrowed time.