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One of the things that people ask us all the time is, “We don’t feel called to foster or adopt but what CAN we do to help?”  I love that question.  Not everyone is called to adopt a child.  Not everyone is called to foster either.  Not everyone is called to leave their home and go to a faraway land to be a missionary. When the book of James says to “care for the widow and the orphan” that must look different for each one of us.  God calls us all individually and when we’re actually doing what He has put on our hearts, it’s a beautiful thing.

Today I’m coming to you all with something on my heart.  It’s a tangible, life-changing way to do SOMETHING for the fatherless without even having to leave our homes.  I’m praying that some of you will be willing to jump in and help.

My dear friend, Andrea, and her family are adopting two precious teenage boys from Ghana.  They have been fighting to adopt these boys for over two years!  Every obstacle imaginable has stood in their way.  But God, in all of His faithfulness and glory, has moved every single mountain.

Joseph and Askia will be coming home to the family who adores them in just a few days.  Hallelujah!


The Edmunds family leaves in just one week to bring their sons home.

God has put a dream on Andrea’s heart and I am so praying that as the body of Christ we can make this happen.  For one woman, it’s impossible.  But for an army, it’s very possible.

When Andrea visited her sweet sons (they are the most precious kids!) in Ghana last summer she was heartbroken to see the conditions that these children live in.  The orphanage struggles to provide for the seventy beautiful children who call it their home. One amazing retired social worker runs the place on her own–relying on the generous donations of people who care.  There are no luxuries.  No treats.  No comforts.  They only live with the basic necessities of life.


Many of you know that government assistance in African countries is non-existent.  Mary uses her own funds to feed and clothe the children in her care.


And so God put a dream in Andrea…

…to have EVERY child sleeping on a clean mattress.

A basic thing that we so often take for granted every night as we climb into our cozy beds.


In Ghana a brand new, comfy mattress costs just $50.  Andrea has raised enough to buy eight so far.

I’m wondering if we can join her on this mission to get EVERY child there into a new bed?  Would you guys be willing to help?

We need to raise $3100 to cover ALL the mattresses.  That is so very do-able.


Anyone willing to help (with any amount!) can donate through the Edmunds adoption fund.  Make sure that you add a note saying “MATTRESS” when you donate.  Every single penny donated toward this cause will enable Andrea and Andy to buy the mattresses while they are there.  For these children, it will be a gift from heaven.  Any additional money raised will be used to buy new sheets (which are pretty much non-existent).

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  I appreciate you all so very much!