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Oh my goodness, reading through your comments on my last post has been so moving for Anthony and me. To hear the cries of so many hearts which are broken for orphans touches my heart. If only these children knew how many people are bringing them before the throne of God in prayer.

I have had so many requests for more information on the precious ones I posted. I’m making my way through each and every email and responding as fast as I can.

I am thrilled to tell you that three of the children in my post are now listed on Reeces Rainbow.  My amazing friend, Andrea Roberts, got onto it fast and by the end of the day had as much information that she needed to list them.  They are listed here under “other angels.” 

This is Yulia and she is just as precious as can be.  She has CP.  Oh how she will blossom and grow in a family. She is such a sweet and tender little love.

This young man is Yuri, and he is also now listed on Reeces Rainbow.  Yuri also has mild CP.  He is the cutest little boy with such a sweet nature.  I felt so bad for him because I just knew that he so desperately wanted OUT of that crib. He cried just because he wanted me to pick him up.  Yuri should NOT be in that room. He is smart and has such potential to learn and grow.

And I told you already that sweet little Wade is also listed–under the Down syndrome waiting children.

Thank you, Andrea, for working so insanely hard to give these children an opportunity to find their forever families. You’re wonderful.

Many of you have commented and emailed me asking what can be done for children such as these.  What is our role as the Body of Christ?  For me, it is very simple.  With all my heart I believe that we can all do something.  Not out of some obligation–but simply because the Bible COMMANDS us to care for the orphans.  The Bible does not call some to care for orphans.  It does not say that God will lead the chosen few to fulfill the mandate.  Nope–we are all commanded to get involved.

Does that means we should all adopt a child?  No, not necessarily. I completely understand that there are seasons in our lives when we just cannot adopt.  I know that for many it is just not possible.  I am always struck by just how many people there are who are longing, with all their hearts, to bring a child home, but are in a place where it is impossible. Why is it that those who so desperately want to do something about the orphan crisis cannot?  How I long for that not to be the case for so many. One thing I have learned in my walk with God is that He never gives us dreams and desires for no reason.  They are planted in our hearts by Him for a reason.  If you’re longing to bring home your next child, but waiting on Him to work out your circumstances, hang on tight and trust Him on the journey.  He’ll will bless you with the desire of your hearts–He’s just so good like that. 

Oh, and about the adoption thing–I do think that everyone should at least inquire of the Lord if they are to adopt or not.  His answer may just surprise you.

If we cannot adopt a child there are still so many ways we can get involved. Praying is easy and we all know that the Father hears every plea we make on behalf of orphans.  Give, give, and give some more!  Give to others who are adopting.  Sponsor a child on Reeces Rainbow–there are way too many angels on there with zero in their grant fund.  I hate that.  I can tell you that every dollar donated is seed for someone’s adoption.  The Lord multiplies it ALL.  We have raised about $100K to adopt four children.  Some of the donations were large and others were small.  Every $10 gift the Lord used as seed to grow.  Since so many of you have asked, I will share a post on our fundraising soon. 

Organize a mission to an orphanage. While I was in the Ukraine I posted that there was a group of Danish high schoolers serving at the orphanage.  They worked hard on the grounds, played with children in the playgrounds, blew up balloons, dressed up like clowns, and took babies for walks in strollers. I asked about whether there had ever been a church group come and do similar things.  My answer was “no.”  Oh dear–something about that just felt so wrong to me. Missions are so easy to organize.  Orphanages are desperate for volunteers to come.  It is such an incredible way to love on children and leave them with memories they will never forget. A short-term mission is an easy way to give of ourselves to orphans.

Host an “Orphan Sunday” in your church to bring an awareness to your congregation.

Or, use the social networks to spread the word.  Facebook, blogs, Twitter–they are all incredible ways to get the word out to friends and family.  I am absolutely convinced that part of the reason the Body of Christ is not doing more for orphans is because they don’t know about the desperate need. So many churches don’t have orphan ministries. Become a voice for those who don’t have one–there are so many ways to do it these days.

Anything we do helps.  It does not have to only be the big things. I think that so often we feel like we are only going to make a difference when we do the large things–but that is so not true.  God can use us in any situation to get the word out there. It only takes one conversation in the check-out line of the grocery store to plant the seed in someone’s heart.  God can use us anywhere, anyhow and any time He pleases.

Any other ideas as to how the Church can get involved?  Is there something I missed? I’d love to hear your ideas about what we can all do to create an awareness about the sweet children who wait…and wait…and wait.

So thankful tonight that the Lord Jesus Christ is alive and well, and more than able to carry each and every burden on our hearts.