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eleven and thirteen

Happy belated birthday to our two treasures who share a birthday.  God’s perfect plan.  His precious gifts to us.  I shared their God story a few years ago.  Part one is here and you can read part 2 here.

Where have eleven years gone?  Kind, caring, sweet, totally obsessed about all things football, left-handed quarterback, would rather be fishing or on the football field than in school, family-loving Cade.  “I have a plan and a purpose for this boy that your other two sons cannot fulfill. He is meant to be,” the Father whispered to my heart at his birth.  What a privilege it is to be his Mom!  I am just so grateful that God knew I needed another son.


The fifth teenager in the house.  It feels like yesterday that a spunky, energetic, confident little three-year-old waved goodbye to China and made us her family.  She’s our sweet, talkative, musically talented, kind, hard-working, thoughtful young lady.  I am so, so thankful that God chose us and used this beautiful girl to show us what a gift and a blessing from heaven adoption is.  My life is so much more beautiful because Hannah-Claire’s in it.  God knew. Love her madly.


Happy birthday, my lovies.  It is such an honor to be your Mom and to watch your stories unfold.