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emergency update on Amelia

Oh, my friends….please, please pray for sweet Amelia!  My heart is absolutely breaking for this little girl, and her very sweet mama, Jenny.  I cannot even begin to imagine how tough this must be on a mother’s heart.

Here is an update from Jenny this morning:

“I just returned from the hospital, Amelia is admitted and she will stay until the very last moment. In other words a taxi will pick me and Amelia up from the hospital and will take us to the airport for our flight. We leave Bulgaria 0715 (time here) to Germany. Amelia has a PH of 7.28. her blood glucose is 36. They have her on IV fluids with Sodium Bicarbonate. I have just gotten back to the hotel and am packing our suitcases so I can go quickly to the store, pay off our hotel and go back to the hospital. Please, please pray! The US embassy has arranged for Dept of Homeland Security to meet us once the plane lands Washington and get us through the line so we can get to our next gate.”

Please pray for safe travels.  Amelia is very sick! She will not eat anything.  Being so desperately tiny for her age, she has zero reserves and is extremely fragile. Please pray for God’s mercy and hand of protection on this family as they make their way home very early tomorrow morning (tonight for us).  Amelia will be admitted straight into the hospital once home.

Amelia, 12 years old and weighing just 12 pounds.

Can I ask every prayer warrior who reads this to PLEASE share this urgent need with your friends, family and church!  

I believe in the power of the body of Christ coming together to intercede!  I believe that, even now, God is reaching down from heaven and touching this little treasure right where she’s at in the hospital in Bulgaria.

And I believe that beauty WILL rise…and it is going to be glorious–a life redeemed!

Can we please pray this sweet lovie all the way home in the next 48 hours? It is so comforting for Jenny to know that the army of the Living God is praying!

THANK YOU!  I will post updates as I get them.

You can read Liliana’s (now Amelia) heartbreaking story right here.