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extremely urgent!

Wednesday morning update Amelia has been taken to the hospital in Bulgaria.  She is not doing well at all. Please, please pray, Church!


Friends, I come to you tonight begging for your prayers for one little girl who is no stranger to my blog.  Tonight, she desperately needs our prayers!

Many of you will remember a darling little girl I advocated for last year.  Thousands of people read her story through tears–heartbroken and speechless that this truly could happen to a child.  We all fell in love with Liliana.  Hundreds donated to her adoption fund, and in just 24 hours her adoption was fully funded.

We longed to see her come home!

The Father heard our prayers and very soon an amazing family stepped forward to adopt Liliana.  It has taken almost a year for her adoption to be completed.  Yesterday Liliana (now Amelia) finally left the orphanage with her sweet mama.

Unfortunately, Amelia is not doing well at all!  Weighing only 12 pounds at 12 years old, she is a very sick little girl.  She is refluxing really badly, choking, and is unable to eat a single thing, nor is she able to sleep.  Thankfully, her mama, Jenny, is an RN and is very equipped to help her daughter, but obviously there is a very high risk in transporting her home in her condition.

Would you pray, please?

Would you believe with us that they will be able to stabilize Amelia so that she will be able to safely make the long journey home this weekend?  Please trust with Jenny that she will be able to get some nutrition in her sweet girl so that she will be strong enough to travel.

Would you storm heaven on behalf of this precious angel and her family, please?

My heart is aching!  Amelia is from the same orphanage as our Hasya.  These children have suffered so much!  They have endured more than our human hearts can comprehend.  PLEASE pray that the LORD would breathe LIFE into Amelia’s frail body even now–that she would be strengthened and stabilized to be able to come home very, very soon.

Sometimes we’re called to go.

Sometimes we’re called to sow.

Sometimes we’re called to support and rally around those who are adopting.

And then there are the times when we are called to get on our knees and intercede for the sake of the orphan…one at a time!

How desperately Amelia needs the body of Christ to pray without ceasing–crying out to the Lord for her redemption and her healing.

Please pray, church!  Please share this need wherever you can.  One little girl’s life is hanging on by a thread.

Standing and trusting the THE HEALER would touch her little body…even now.