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Feelings and emotions

Good morning, precious friends and family, it is 5 a.m. here in China and we are all awake and ready for a new day 🙂 Haven slept pretty well, thank you, Lord.

I have so many feelings and emotions happening, so many things I want to share with you all. Yesterday, at the Civil Affairs office where we got Haven, we had to sign a document giving us custody of Haven for 24 hours. What? In Nanchung, where we adopted Hannah-Claire, she became ours the day we received her. We were told that we had a “harmony period” with Haven….24 hours with her to decide if we wanted to keep her or not. What in the world?! We told them that she is our daughter and no matter what is wrong with her we will NEVER change our minds…let us just pay the money, sign the papers, and leave with our daughter. They would not budge, they insisted that we have some time with her to think about it. Oh my goodness, there is just no way we would EVER change our minds. Poor nannies went out of their way to tell us about Haven’s lack of speech and how needy she is…they probably think we are a little crazy. By the end of our time together yesterday, I think they finally “got it”, they were so grateful that Haven has finally got a family, they KNEW that she is stuck with us forever 🙂

As you all know, Haven was legally adopted two years ago, the family only kept her for a few days, and then returned her to the orphanage, feeling like they could not handle her needs. She was diagnosed with “Closed Syndrome”, or Autism and we know it. It is fairly unknown here. When she got back to the orphanage, the staff were afraid of her “condition”, they were afraid that if they touched her, they would catch it too. As a result, they told the other kids NOT to touch her either. So, our sweet girl has had very little physical contact from anyone for over two years now! My heart breaks. I am amazed that she is even reaching out to us and allowing us to touch her at all, but she is. Can only be God. I am getting a glimpse into how God has protected her, how He truly has held her heart in His hands. I am so in awe Him this morning.

Thank you so much for all the love and support we have received, thank you for your very kind comments. We are so blessed to have such special people in our lives. I know that God hears every prayer that has been prayed for Haven. We are seeing the power of prayer right before our eyes through our daughter. Thank you for all the prayers for Anthony too. His shingles is getting worse, the rash is spreading. He feels awful. The doctor did tell him that it would get worse before it starts getting better. He is going to try and get stronger drugs today.